1. Is there open water on green lake yet?

    1. Terry Johnson 0
      we caught them off the jetties with shrimp
  2. Anyone know where there are underwater springs in green lake? I've heard there are, but have no idea where.

  3. A stringer of white bass I shot while scuba diving. I also saw a nice muskie on this dive.....I don't see them often.... it was really neat to see! Water temp ...more was 67 above the themocline, 54 below. Thermocline was at 14 feet. visibility above the thermocline was about 5 feet, below the themocline about 20 feet. Check out my scuba fishing video.... catching smallmouth bass... https://youtu.be/2GuoprIzVaU I'll be back to shoot some carp... there are some big ones in that lake! Maybe I'll make a video of it.

  4. Details: Lake Trout

    Was on big green yesterday scuba diving. Water temp at 57 until the thermocline at 40 feet. Below the thermocline temp was 42 degrees down to 96 feet which is ...more the deepest i got yesterday.

    The visibility has dropped to less than 3 feet at the surface, but was crystal clear... literally.... below 45'. You could see as far as your lights could shine... beautiful!

    Also saw 4 separate juvenile lake trout between 85' and 90' deep. Sizes were about 6" to 10". They were at the muck bottom, about 4" up. Very cool to see those fish in their own habitat!

    Support my videos please! More to come soon!


    1. Ben Kraus 0
      cool video. first I’ve seen/heard of scuba fishing. pretty cool!
    2. Buddy Pierce 0
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  5. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a Bagley Small Fry Crayfish

    Been scuba diving big green a lot this spring.... water temp at the surface has warmed up to 46 degrees, it was 38 in early March. There is a thermocline forming ...more at 26 feet, temperature below there was 38 degrees last week. It's still 36 degrees below 100'.

    I do a lot of fishing using scuba gear.... here is a video I made catching those awesome smallies!


    I release most of what I catch... no worries. And those big fish at the end are giant carp... there are a lot of them in big green!

  6. Hey Charles, I'm booked in the end off May for a week of fishing at Big Green lake. Looking to hit it hard. I know it's a big lake and a lot of good spots. ...more I was hoping you can share a few? Don

    1. Charles DeGroot 0
      South East shore for smallmouth...22' water. Use bottom action crayfish like baits....and try not to hook a scuba diver 😉
  7. https://youtu.be/2GuoprIzVaU smallmouth bass fishing - scuba gear!

    1. Charles DeGroot 0
      I haven't been successful with lake trout yet. Where I dive they are in over 100' of water, so you don't get much time at those depths. ...still trying ...more tho!
    2. I've tried that with Lake trout and bluegills. I found a rod on the bottom tied some line and a lure I also found and just swam backwards. I caught fish but ...more not that big. Nice catches
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  8. Anyone know the temperature above the thermocline on big green lake Wisconsin?

    1. Hans Klopp 0
      i had 45 last Thursday at sauk dam
  9. Details: Skunk island

    1. Julia Hollenbeck 0
      It was a one-time experience with my son, Dennis Musgraves when "I caught that fish" in Alaska (year 2012), Charles DeGroot. :)
    2. Charles DeGroot 0
      Catfish evening spot
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  10. Great evening on Beaver Dam lake! Fished from a boat...which is unusual for me...I usually fish underwater with scuba gear, but the boat needed some exercise...

    Catfish with a Leech

    1. Charles DeGroot 0
      Hopefully heading out tonight if the weather cooperates.....Need more fillets for the smoker.
    2. Ken Wooten 0
      Wow! Nice stringer full of cats!
    3. jeff mcelroy 0
      good haul!
    4. john stimson 0
      Fun night
    5. Willy Fresh 0
      now there's a good night
    6. Kevin McCarthy 0
      Nice catching there!!
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I fish using scuba gear. Here is a you tube video off me catching some smallmouth bass. Subscribe please, there will be more coming! Tell me ...more a lure you would like tested and I will bring it down and create a video for you and post it to my YouTube channel. https://youtu.be/2GuoprIzVaU

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