1. 34 lb. 8 oz. Striped Bass with a trout

    1. Robert Coleman 0
      WOW! Monster!
  2. 28 lb. 4 oz. Striped Bass with a trout

  3. Fishing for bass and had this trout smash the crank bait. I was surprised to see a trout! Would have sworn it was a hybrid. Fun catch!

    Rainbow Trout with a squarebilled crank

    1. Royce Waits 0
      I've had brown trout hit a crank bait. Never a rainbow.
  4. Smallmouth Bass with a worm

  5. Solid catch pre-spawn

    48 lb. Striped Bass with a Skipjack

    1. Mark Canzone 0
      Amazing catch
    2. Clay Russell 0
      I've caught a 10 pound hybrid striper that fought really well. Your true striper must have fought like a beast. Way to go!
    3. Jim Winpisinger 0
      Like you and I, the only guys that understand what a great fight that was are those who have caught one. Congrats!!
    4. Tom McMurray 0
      SAWEEEEET! I'll bet that was fun😳
    5. Adam Smith 0
    6. Mark Canzone 0
    7. Bryan Staten 0
      We release those monsters! World class fish up there.
    8. Noah Shapiro 0
      Wonder what's in that belly
    9. Mike Russ 0
      Nice job!
    10. Robert Coleman 0
      What a monster! Nice catch Bryan!
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