1. What a fish!

    Largemouth Bass

    1. Veronica Fowler 0
      I'm not guiding yet Mitch. That's are just my future aspirations. I caught that bass in the canal across the street from our house :)
    2. Mitch Jensen 0
      How's the guiding coming along? You feel you have a good hold on your lake? Very nice fish and background:)
    3. George Pierce 0
      that's a lucky fish lol
    4. Veronica Fowler 0
      Hehe Thanks!
    5. George Pierce 0
      wow and nice fish too
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I joined Fishidy to find out as much info about Lake Wallenpaupack as I can! My family is moving up that way very soon and I've got my heart ...more set on becoming a fishing guide. We're starting our lives over from scratch so I'm gonna do what I actually want to and Fish Fish FISH! We're also having a baby girl at the end July but my 4yo son will tell you he is getting a brother!