1. Largemouth Bass with a Worm

  2. Hybrid Bluegill with a Worm

  3. Yellow Perch with a Minnow

  4. Bluegill with a Worm

    1. Noah Shapiro 0
    2. Jimbo Harwood 0
      Lol. Awesome pic! congrats on breaking in the new gear.. lol
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  5. Largemouth Bass with a Worm

    1. Noah Shapiro 0
      So cuuuuuuuute
    2. Jimbo Harwood 0
      Congrats on your first Big Fish.. Lol. something you will never forget.
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  6. Throw Em Back

    Sheepshead with a Worm

    1. Steve Hyman 0
      Freshwater drum what I know them as? Sheapshead you catch in salt water.
    2. Noah Shapiro 0
      Nice fish
    3. Matt Hillman 0
      Haha right! That or maybe a catfish here and there. Some people keep these things! Nasty
    4. Robert Coleman 0
      Don't you hate when you think you have a trophy walleye on the line and THAT guy shows up at the boat? Lol But, damn, they fight good!
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  7. Walleye with a Worm

    1. Matt Hillman 0
      Robert- Too bad it took 15 hours to catch 19 fish! Some days they hit and some days they dont!
    2. Robert Coleman 0
      Now there's a cooler full of good eats!
    3. Jimbo Harwood 0
      Nice cooler full of eyes! and spending time with your boy.. What's better then that.. Lol.
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Fishing Favorites

  • Species Walleye, Perch, & Bass
  • Waterway Saginaw Bay
  • Lure Worms/Minnows