1. Details: My private quarry, stocked with bass

    1. Laura Matlack 0
      I’d love to be able to fish there. Are you open to that?
    2. Dan Friedman 0
      What Rob said!
    3. Rob Fetherman 0
      any chance u would let me fish there?
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  2. Details: 34 in. Striped Bass with a 5in sunfish

    1. John Ellermann 0
      impressive, Highly plausible, they run up and back from dam and along that channel. Best fishing is from a boat.
    2. Phil Ciamaichela 0
      How do you hook your live bait?
    3. Pete Zimmer 0
      Hey! Did you catch it under the bridge like the location in your post? I thought they were only in the really deep spots by the Dam, but I don't know much about ...more them. Thanks!
    4. Paul Santee 0
      Where is the pic
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