1. Details: Smallmouth Bass


    1. Mitchell Aquino 0
      Is that really a state record? Cause I feel like I've seen bigger in Utah.
    2. ut_trouthunter13 0
      That's sweet man!!!!
    3. jonholbrook 0
      @CalvinFease it weighed 7-8 on boga
    4. Calvin Fease 0
      The Utah state record is 7.5 pounds.
    5. solorider4o8 0
      Hog city boy nice fish
    6. bassforever 0
      What did you catch it on
    7. RedFisher10 0
      State record?
    8. King_Fisher 0
      You already posted this.
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  2. Details: Largemouth Bass with a 3 inch senko

    @utahbass caught this nice one when I was fishing with him

    1. jake calkin 0
      Haha awesome, thanks for posting that pic!
  3. Pitching out a small blue fox by a water fall and caught this little guy. Caught 7 others that day great day fishing on Farmington pond

    Golden Rainbow Trout with a blue and pink blue fox lure

  4. Details: Largemouth Bass with a homemade popper

    Spent more time on this one how does the sanding look

    1. jonholbrook 0
      Lure making is a hobby, don't criticize people's hobbies @johnco
    2. excellsiorlures 0
      That's how it all started for me 7 years ago . Keep it up . Making your own lures is very rewarding .
    3. osiis 0
      One idea for you. Get a drill and and chuck up the lure into the drill so you can make them more semetrical(sp). I've seen ppl make adapters with a PVC cap and ...more screws to hold the lure in the drill.
    4. Colin Johnson 0
      You should just buy you lures bud
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  5. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout with a airbrush

    Any ideas please comment

    1. Cody Palmer 0
      On a cheap route, you're looking at around 120$ on the minimum I think. That's without a compressor.
    2. Cody Palmer 0
      Also going to need a compressor or something for air, fittings, a hose, regulator, paint, tape, something to hold the baits, epoxy or something to finish them, paint ...more and stencils if you want them
    3. Cody Palmer 0
      Cheapest place is go to tcpglobal.com and look at the masters airbrush. The g22 or 23 is a great airbrush for cheap. It's a knockoff of a older iwata but it ...more works great for a starter
    4. Christian Holyoak 0
      Right up your alley @zkid09
    5. Truman Holbrook 0
      Thanks @osiis
    6. osiis 0
      Also I don't know how you paint lures but I started with masking tape and a exacto blade for designs. Found liquid masking that was WAY easier to use to paint ...more designs.
    7. Truman Holbrook 0
    8. osiis 0
      Hobby shop that has rc cars/models/games. I used to paint model cars with them when I was a kid. Get one that has several different tips.And most importantly clean ...more it after every use and don't be lazy
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  6. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout with a homemade lure

    Lure I made a few days ago

    1. whitebass_81 0
      Have you ever caught anything on these?
    2. PKfisherman 0
      Dude, u need to sand them @RiverMonster
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  7. Details: Hybrid Bass with a homemade crankbait

    Great lure I need another paint job then ill get it sealed. How do you like it. Please give me feedback be critical

    1. brian hess 0
      good for you if you did
    2. Truman Holbrook 0
      @brian716 what if I've already caught one on it
    3. Truman Holbrook 0
      Thanks @osiis
    4. osiis 0
      Fight the power! Fish it just like that ^^
    5. Calvin Fease 0
      If you take an electric sander to that bad boy, it'll make for a smooth, more glossy finish that'll actually track better in the water.
    6. brian hess 0
      I'll give you props if u could actually get a fish to hit that
    7. Oliver Ancans 0
      Get a clear lip
    8. MIKE D 0
      Paint that thing!!
    9. brian hess 0
      put a twister tail on the end of it. gives it more action
    10. PKfisherman 0
      Agreed agreed @metalhead and @c_barker24
    11. Oliver Ancans 0
    12. c_barker24 0
      Use sandpaper
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  8. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout with a crocodile spoon

    Nice trout my brother caught. Low 40's cool trout

  9. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout with a homemade ice lure

    Tell me how it looks be critical

    1. Donald Myers 0
      Chew up a stick of gum and throw it back on there.
    2. Truman Holbrook 0
      @dmyerdwny it fell off
    3. Donald Myers 0
      Might need a couple of bills to make it fall right.
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  10. Details: Largemouth Bass with a homemade lures

    4 homemade cranks and poppers that are ready to do some fishing ill put a clear cover tomorrow and they'll be ready

    1. Truman Holbrook 0
      @JMrock7 I would recommend on using spinners and bass worms
    2. JMrock7 0
      Are the bass still active? @RiverMonster
    3. JMrock7 0
      Nice have you caught bass at kaysville using lures before? @RiverMonster because I need tips on how to catch bass there
    4. Calvin Fease 0
      He originally brushed baits, so understands those as well. Besides, brushing rat imitations will look better because it looks like the hair lines.
    5. Truman Holbrook 0
      @CalvinFease he uses a airbrush I don't have that
    6. Calvin Fease 0
      You need to talk to @zkid09 about hardbait painting.
    7. Truman Holbrook 0
      Thx @CalvinFease
    8. Calvin Fease 0
      Like that silver one a lot! Good job!
    9. Truman Holbrook 0
      Yes @JMrock7
    10. JMrock7 0
    11. JMrock7 0
      Are you using them in kaysville
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