1. This guy swallowed the hook. So I kept him. I can at least use him for shark bait.

    Atlantic Stingray

  2. Caught a nice slot red in the surf. Hereโ€™s the video of the trip and cooking: https://youtu.be/s3DL58e5mxI

    24 in. Red Drum with a fishbites

    1. Brad Devore 0
      Looks darn tasty
  3. I know this is a Butterfly Ray.... this app doesnโ€™t have it listed as a species.

    27 in. Atlantic Stingray with a I foul hooked this guy.

  4. 39 in. Red Drum with a cut whiting

    1. George Sykora 0
      Cool. thanks
    2. Matthew Akers 0
      I caught it on the west end of Galveston a few miles from San Luis pass. But the location is hit or miss depending on the conditions. I've been skunked at this ...more spot before. But if you fish the right conditions anywhere along Galveston, you'll have more luck. Good conditions meaning a flat surf preferably with a high tide.
    3. George Sykora 0
      Mind me asking, where along the beach? We were in Galveston a couple weeks ago, staying at Dellanera RV park. I was doing ok from the surf there, but nothing this ...more big.
    4. Matthew Akers 0
      Yes sir!
    5. George Sykora 0
      Nice. Did you catch that from the surf?
    6. Matthew Akers 0
    7. Chris S 0
      Nice red fish
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  5. Red Drum

    1. Robert ingle 0
      catching fish Is good taking pictures of your fish takes quick lightning hands my little perch
    2. Chris Hoakley 0
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  6. Black Drum with a cut mullet

  7. Black Bullhead Catfish with a crab fishbites

  8. Whiting with a fishbites

    1. Matthew Akers 0
      View my video here. I have some great drone shots of the surf :)



You can also follow my catches on my Youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNkkoMM9egw_adYGNQ2Pleg