1. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout

    Keep ye skillet good and greasy boys!

    1. GC Conley 0
      Yes buddy
    2. fishing_19 0
      Is that golden trout
    3. fishing_19 0
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  2. Details: Muskie

    Another mountain Muskie!

  3. Details: Muskie

    Nice fall Muskie on stonewall Jackson lake

    1. GC Conley 0
      A perch colored jointed believer I was fishing across from tha lodge on main lake
    2. KnightCrawler22 0
      What section if he lake did you catch it? What color crank bait? I recently put in at the vandalia boat ramp but didn't have any luck catching any musky
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  4. Chartered tha sea note with captain Benji out of Oregon inlet . 159# 66 in big eye tuna!!!! Trip of a lifetime for an ole country boy!

    1. GC Conley 0
      Thank you @cjs21 I'm very new to this computer stuff lol
    2. GC Conley 0
      Thank ye solorider you got some hogs your self
    3. solorider4o8 0
      That is so cool hog city
    4. GC Conley 0
      Hahaha! Thanks trout man I like to cut up a little lol
    5. TennesseeTroutboy 0
      I've been on this app for a while and you have the best profile picture
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