1. 6lb 8oz on strawberry chicken and a home made inline chum barrel. mid 30's .

  2. 19.08 blue upper 30's, 30.11 bar psi , current 3-4mph heavy barge traffic. Had heavy rain previous 2 days.

    19 lb. 8 oz. 34 in. Blue Catfish with a Strawberry Chicken / home made inline chum barrel


Kats and lunker bass enthusiast . Love to fish the Great Miami southern waters of Ohio and the Ohio river near Cinci. Bank fish with plastics ...more and crank baits for bass and chicken .....yes chicken and shad for kats. I am a avid watcher and student of ChunkyCats on youtube , Palmetto Cat on youtube, Steve Douglas youtube , Dieter Melhorn Youtube and MuddyRiver Catfish on youtube. Grew up watching Bill Dance outdoors. I live in the Greene County area and am married to my best frien since junior High Kristi!

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Blue Cat, Flatheads & lunker Bass
  • Waterway Great Miami River Miamisburg to Cinci and the ohio River around Cincinatti
  • Lure Strawberry chicken, fresh shad and tequila sunrise plastic powerbait.