1. Redbreast Sunfish

    1. Elijah Lee 0
      Your welome, and thanks! I have a couple other spots I access it at but its hard to exactly say the location etc.
    2. Anthony Hall 0
      o ok well thanks and keep up the fishing
    3. Elijah Lee 0
      You an access it at Mallard creek park.
    4. Anthony Hall 0
      hey how do you access mallard creek where your fishing at? I live on Mallard creek? thanks and nice sunny
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  2. Spotted Bass with a Small minnow lure.

    1. Christian Joyner 0
      Where did you access for the Bass.. I always access mallard creek down on mallard creek across from Summercroft and the 7eleven.. But all I'm catching are Sunfish
  3. Bit the lure very quickly. I knew it was on right away. It put up a hard fight. This same fish was caught twice, and both times it was hiding near a downed tree ...more near the edge of the creek.

    13 in. Largemouth Bass with a A small blue and silver lip-less crank bait with a rattle.

    1. Elijah Lee 0
      I caught him in Mallard creek, in Charlotte NC. I actually caught one just a bit smaller today lol.
    2. Anthony Hall 0
      nice catch! where were you fishing if you dont mind me asking?
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  4. It was a light bite, I hardly even knew he was on the hook till I tugged the rod and felt the weight. But non the less got a great hooked set!

    Largemouth Bass with a 5" Garry Yamamamoto pink senko on a 2/0 worm hook.


16 years old, been fishing for as long as I can remember. I specialize in multi-species fishing and urban fishing. I also like to focus very ...more much on the more scientific side of angling.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species All of them!
  • Waterway I fish creeks for the most part, not much of a pond or lake kind of guy.
  • Lure I prefer tiny hard lures of all kinds.