1. Couldnt have caught him or any of his buddies if I had a real job!! So naaaaa!!

    Rainbow Trout with a Panther Martun

  2. Hard bite!

    Spotted Bass with a Chartruese with red flake baby brush hog

    1. John Morgan 0
      Unfortunately, I fish areas where largemouths would normally be found, Spots don't frequent /spawn in 12 inches of water. Spots are a totally different animal. ...more I am slowly learning how they school over open water chasing schools of shad.
    2. John Morgan 0
      Spots are a mystery to me If I fish a body of water in which there are 10 spots to one large mouth I catch only large mouths.
    3. Russ Scholes 0
      Carolina rig?
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  3. Good day! Quiet and just me and about 4 more of these!

  4. Details: Doll mountain

    Drop off brushpiles: plastic brush hog watermelon red flake

  5. Details: Dry branch #1

    1. Austin Sellers 0
      Is it tough fishing Blue Ridge Lake or is it a pretty good lake to fish? Never been before and coming up there next month. Any tips?
  6. Details: Dry brach #2

    Shallow plastic lizard, bass colored jerk bait


Real country boy! Enjoying the north Georgia mountains everyday! I live the kind of life most men only dream of!

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Spotted bass, brown trout
  • Waterway Blue ridge, Carters lakes watershed lakes, Lathem reservoir, toccoa, cartecay rivers occasionally coosawatee river
  • Lure Plastics, panther martin