1. Anyone here fish the uwharrie river? Put in twice at dennis rd. Nothing but small bluegill. I must be throwing the wrong bait. Would to get some tips.

    1. Tim Grentzinger 0
      wanting smallmouth. not much water here that has them. saw some nice gar in that river, will try for them soon. Catfish and largemouth I can get closer to home.
    2. Fish Hunter 0
      Your welcome! have you tried to catch catfish? If so try filleting some bluegill and after cut them in strips that should work.
    3. Tim Grentzinger 0
    4. Fish Hunter 0
      it should work after the rain. Try a jerk bait too.
    5. Fish Hunter 0
      try that.
    6. Tim Grentzinger 0
      I have beetle spins and for Texas rig I have several creature baits. brush hogs, craws and lizards.
    7. Fish Hunter 0
      sorry when it says rail it ment rain
    8. Fish Hunter 0
      try fishing with a beetle spin for bluegill if you have one or a bandito bug. Something with action. I know its supose to rail this weekend in nc and va so try a ...more day or two after with a something with action like a creature bait. Good look!
    9. Tim Grentzinger 0
      1st day a rooster tail and nikko helgramite. 2nd day a pile diver and a plastic crawfish.
    10. Fish Hunter 0
      What were you throwing?
    11. Fish Hunter 0
      No but I know there are nice Blue catfish, Smallmouth bass, and Channel catfish.
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  2. same fish from the other day. thought you might like the accidental reflection.

  3. 6 cats today all between 22 and 29 inches. 1 inch gulp minnows did the trick.

  4. 12 inch shellcracker. possibly a hybrid. thought I had a bass on the hook. green is reflection from my paddle.

    1. Tim Grentzinger 0
      I sent a picture to our local game warden and this is an excerpt from her reply: 'I spoke with my biologist and sent her the picture. She said it is most likely ...more a red ear and it's not uncommon to have a whitish streak on the operculum and no red spot.'
  5. Been wanting to catch a fish that would drag my kayak around. Hooked into 2 today and landed one of them. Only 22 inches thought it would be bigger. caught on 1/8 ...more rooster tail.

  6. Kayak on a new stretch of creek. Took a couple of rooster tails. Only 1 crappie. The rest of my fish were channel cats. Go figure.

    1. Tim Grentzinger 0
      went back today prepared to catch more cats and wound up with 6 lmb. no cats.
  7. I have a 10 foot pelican fishing kayak. I also have an 8 pound mushroom anchor. Holds really well, but I have no trolley system. I am not afraid of anchoring from ...more the side as I won't be doing it in rough water. Problem is, the kayak turns opposite from where I want to fish. Is there any other way besides a trolley system to anchor from the rear?

  8. nice fish on a 1 inch gulp minnow.

  9. first fish in my new kayak. my native propel is just too heavy for me to load and unload.


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  • Species crappie, bass, and catfish
  • Waterway Tuckertown Resovoir
  • Lure live bait