1. Trolling

    46 in. Muskellunge

    1. Barry Ganzhorn II 0
      Ya ya very nice
    2. Henry Pylkas 0
      Very nice fish!!!!
    3. Noah Shapiro 0
      Omg that's huge
    4. Robert Coleman 0
      Awesome fish! Congrats!
    5. Edward Exley 0
      Use to live up that way and fished the Chautauqua Lake alot. Back when they had the Crappie Thones going on. Alot of deep hole in the Chautaauqua and Nice Muskie ...more there. Congrats on yor catch and may you have more good fishing.
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  2. DEC drop and Biting

    6 in. Brown Trout with a worm

  3. Funtime with the kids, caught ten perch

    3 in. Yellow Perch with a butter worm

    1. Henry Pylkas 0
      That is perfect for young kids!! It keeps them interested as they don't get bored.
    2. Amanda Braley 0
      Thanks They were biting as fast as we could cast lmao
    3. Henry Pylkas 0
      Please tell your son, NICE CATCH!!!!!
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Fishing Favorites

  • Species anything that swims
  • Waterway Chautauqua Lake
  • Lure worms and butter worms