1. Caught another 3 man limit trolling Friday night in 3.5 hours :) Smithwick top 20 Stick baits in pink lemonade and purple Marvin colors. Also chrome and Black. ...more 2.2-2.5 mph on dipsy's and planer boards all different depths. One really nice 7-8 pounder that I don't have a pic of Then caught ANOTHER 3 MAN LIMIT This morning (Saturday) in about 5 hours!!! Similar program but dark purple did the best by far. Bandits, Smithwick's and flicker minnows. Also a big 25 foot diving bass crank bait caught 3 in about 45 mins which was definitely interesting. Caught my first Jigging walleye on a jigging rap while we were trying to get some perch to add to the box which was exciting! Lost a really nice eye on a blade bait too. Lake kicked up fast this afternoon and had a hard time getting back in even in my Grady White... Be safe out there Guys and tight lines!!!

    7 lb. 2 oz. Walleye with a Deep Diving Stick Baits.

  2. Caught 13 on our first troll to the east. Set lines right out of Fairport Harbor and caught them 3/4 the way to Perry. Drifted back with worm harnesses for the last ...more 5 for a 3 man limit in 4.5 hours! Lost 5 or 6 others because my dad can't boat flip and wasn't patient enough for someone to get the net 😂 They were mostly cookie cutter 17 inch fish. some bigger, some 16"ers

    2 lb. 8 oz. 22 in. Walleye with a Silver Smithwick top 20

    1. Jonny Sprague 0
      Thank you. And Amen Buddy lol
    2. Buddy Pierce 0
      I know brother!!! Sometimes I think I'm crazy, but fun is expensive.
    3. b ripoer 0
      Job well done.
    4. Jonny Sprague 0
      Thank you sir! First time out this year... Boat was giving us fits all spring. Felt nice to have all our hard work and my money finally result in some meat haha.
    5. Buddy Pierce 0
      Nice work!!!
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  3. 14.5" one was the 3rd to the last catch of the night before I had to pack it in. Awesome evening spent with my Dad. He got his first ever Crappie and I caught ...more probably a dozen with only 5 or 6 of legal size. Only kept these 4. Caught several on a micro crank bait with an ultralight rod and reel. Tons of fun!

    1 lb. 8 oz. 14 in. White Crappie with a Minnow and a bobber.

  4. Another Gorgeous sunset on lake Erie waters :)


  5. Trolling for walleye and all of the sudden this guy came jumping up behind our board... couldn't figure out what it was till it was in the net haha. My first ...more ever smallie though so that was cool.

    Smallmouth Bass with a Smithwick Perfect 10 in pink lemonade color.

  6. Caught him on a 4'6" ultralight rod with 2 pound test mono. Awesome experience :)

    22 in. Northern Pike with a flat crank 65 square bill

  7. 9 in. Bluegill with a Little plastic on a Lindy bug jighead

  8. Caught a ton of baby perch then this girl showed up and crushed the spoon with a whole small shiner.

    10 in. Yellow Perch with a Swedish Pimple with a whole minnow.

  9. Details: Spring and fall spot.

    mini hump


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