1. Went to O" Donnels Bait Shop in Portersvill and purchased the Green nightro Night Crawlers. And this bait shop has all kinds of fishing bait, Rods, Reels, Hooks, ...more Sinkers, Lures, and all prices where very reasumble. Customer relation, Service in store was excellent too. The Store Ladys where very helpfull and down to earth took time out for each customer. You dont see that with alot of stores out there. First time I went to this bait store and looked at alot of items and have them on m wish list now. :-) But also watched how the service in store with customers and was impressed. Then when it was my turn to buy items the Lady at the counter was very helpfull and made sure that the customer was giventme to take care of there and my order. So give two thumbs up for there store and service. Went to the lake. And every cast honestlly the fish where going crazy over these greennight crawlers. I didnt use a hole worm okok Night crawler on the hook and all I used was piece of night crawler about two to three inch's long. I Fished Saturday, Saturdau night and Sunday at the lake during the day the Fish craved these Night Crawlers. Sunday night It again started to rain as storm passing through BaromicPressure dropped to 29.78 And During day was 29,81 to 29.83. Just started to pay attension to the Baromic preesur as alot of fisherman say it really affects the fish biting and I now I am starting to be a believer of this to. I used the local Accu weather for Baromic pressure. So the Baromic pressure may of varied but thats what accu weather had at time and untill I purchase a Baromic Pressure gage Im using Accu Weather. overall the weekend and Memorial Day was a success. I do think some of the fish crappie and bluegill where in spawn.

    1 lb. 11 oz. 13 in. 10 Purple Pumpkinfish Bluegill, 22Bluegill, 12White Crappie, 2 Blake Crappir with a O'Donnel Bait Shop Green Nightro Night Crawlers

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      I updated as made memorial Day fizhing trip also.
  2. Details: 90 in. 2 Blue Gill, 2 perch, 2 CatFish with a Night Crawler

    2 of Each Started raining and then they just started biting. Couldnt just leave.


Nothing better than fishing. So far 2017 been catching bluegill. But wont give up on those crappie or perch. Also have to keep my Pintrest ...more going. BooYa fishing ,crappie bait, Tips, and many more. Hope to adds some pics soon.

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