1. Out & about Snakehead Wranglin` in my Yak........and caught my supper! 7.7lbs / 29inches of fierce fightin` Snakehead! Way way down deep in the swamps of South ...more Jersey

  2. "Wrangled up a beer-belly `Bow"
    .....Got out & about for a couple hours today....This fatty went back to the pond to fight another day!

  3. "1st Fish of 2020" ------ "3:10 to White Lake"
    Hell the weatherman called for a "balmy" 38° today.......
    "Good day to toss ...more the Yak in the pond" I thought to myself.

    Got a late start(No no not "3:10 to Yuma"...... 3:10 to White Lake") is when I showed up. Figured that would give me `bout an hour & forty-five minutes to do a little Winter Wranglin` -
    And I was throwin` my "go-to-Lure" that my good friend Pat Gallagher got me started on...... a vintage "Believer" lure and man, I love these lures........ for muskies, pickerel, bass whatever!

    Using a very, very slow "twitch-twice, retrieve, twitch once" method, this mighty fine Winter Hawg Greenback, slowly inhaled the 7 inch Believer and became my 1st fish of 2020. As you can see, either a Eagle or Cormorant had him recently. I`m betting it was an Eagle as there are quite a few up in that area.

    Snapped a few pics and released the beautiful Bass back in the icy cold January water to fight another day.


  4. River Monster! *Landed my biggest freshwater fish.....ever! Last night! Tell ya all about it later Gang.....g`nite! *26lbs 10oz!
    #DelawareRiver #Flathead

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      Nice man!!
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  5. "A fine mornin' in the Yak up on Mt. Lake" - wrangled up three decent bass & lost a little Muskie at the Yak.

  6. Pulled an "All Nighter" Flathead wranglin' on the Delaware River! We nailed a couple nice ones! *Tell ya all about Gang later when I wake up..... G'nite~

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      love the smile on that cats 🐈 face 😜
  7. "Night Wranglin` in my Yak" - Landed five nice Greenbacks. Decided to give that right-handed Diawa reel from the 80`s, paired with another cool Pistol ...more Grip Rod a run tonight. (my 1988 gold Calcutta that you always see me with is left-handed) - Turned out to be a solid night.

  8. *Just wrangled up this big, fat-ass Snot Rocket ala "pi-k(ə-)rəl" in my Yak! Thought I had a decent Pike........haha! Hell as long as it has Teeth I'm ...more good!


  9. "Pike bite in the Yak was right!"


  10. *Got a little Yak wranglin' in today and this lil' piggy jumped on!

    That's my 1988 Shimano Calcutta 151 reel paired with a 1988 Pistol ...more Grip Ugly Stick slung over my shoulder.......bought them new back in '88 and its the only baitcaster that I use to this day.


I truly enjoy the great outdoors of New Jersey. Thoroughly enjoy all types of fresh water fishing around the Garden State especially in my `Yak. ...more Whether it`s Northern Pike, Largemouth Bass, Snakeheads, Bowfins or Muskies, I love it all. You can see all of my Adventures on my site at; http://www.AdventuresWithKen.com and if you happen to run into to me when you`re out and about, definitely introduce yourself.

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