1. Details: 51 lb. 12 oz. Channel Catfish with a night caweler

    Between 4am and 8

  2. Details: Bluegill with a worms

    Caught 20 large ones bluegills

  3. Fish to big for pole

    Blue Catfish with a shrimp

    1. Robert Curry 0
      Funny,people don't want aids
    2. lol
    3. it usually take a black pole to real them in not an old white rod!!once you go black you never go back!!!!!
    4. Adam Nolan 0
      get a big cat fever rod bro WELL worth it go to catch the fever.com you will not be disappointed
    5. Now that's a problem. Time for a heavier rod.
    6. Robert Coleman 0
      Hmmmm.... good and bad!???
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  4. Beaver creek

    10 lb. 4 oz. Catfish with a Worns

  5. Guist creek Thursday and Friday.30 crapes