1. 'Mothmen,' Rediscovered

    Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for attending the lecture this evening to learn about my recent exploration and a renewed discovery ...more of "the Mothmen." As you may know, the initial finding of the night creature was in West Virginia in 1966. Numerous sightings were made throughout the region of Appalachia. At that time, the "mothmen," presumably including the females of the species, were uprooted by aggressive coal mining.

    With a reduction in coal mining, accounts of seeing the mothmen diminished until recently. Now, reports are coming from the adjoining State of Ohio, where fracking is underway. An apparent swarm let loose and spread to the Cincinnati parklands where the birch bore beetles have infested the trees. Some scientists believe that the mothmen and beetles are working in symbiotic collaboration. The beetles bore holes like building condominiums, and the mothmen species move in.

    "I seen it for real," said one young man who said he was going fishing. Looking for bait in rotting logs, he found a clump and a nest of them. The man claimed that once on the hook, they swim like crazy in the water, attracting largemouth bass.

  2. At Pioneer Park pond, Montgomery, Ohio with the snowflakes falling, a young man was fishing for anything that would bite.

  3. Another guy fished Sharon Lake, Concinnati from a kayak.

  4. A guy was fishing at Sharon Lake, Cincinnati with a foot peddle propelled electric motor.

    1. James George 0
      He was fishing with a silver spinner bait.
  5. I see guys are catching fish in the snow and cold. Today, I saw bobbers in trees.

    1. T Sen 0
      the worst one are those that are hung in the tree JUST out of reach. I'm kind of a cheap guy, so i really hate when i cant get one back. even worse when its ...more a jig or lure that gets snagged under water and ya lose it...😭
  6. Here is the Little Miami River in Loveland, Ohio on this January day.

    1. James George 0
      A fellow could fly fish from that shore.
  7. I surveyed fishing conditions at Lake Isabella and the adjacent Little Miami River on this Wednesday, January 8, 2020.

    A couple of guys were fishing. I couldn't ...more see if the fish were biting.

    A fellow bass fisherman came by to do the same -- just looking. He said he caught bass in the lake, except it is strictly catch and release.

    I am interested in the Little Miami River. Often in the spring the river is too high and muddy for good fishing, even though there are smallmouth bass and a variety of other fish in the river.

    I hope to find a good day in the spring when the water temperature is above 55 degrees and I'll give it a try. Does anyone know if fish bite in Ohio rivers in the winter?

  8. I was at the Pioneer Park pond today where the Mallards were busy. I know there are bluegills and catfish in there. It was cold and drizzly, discouraging my throwing ...more a line. I observe the pond conditions as they are an indicator about what may be happening in a larger lake nearby. I have my eye on the temperature and sunshine. When they align, I will get busy. For now, snow is in the forecast for Saturday.

    Pioneer Park Pond, Montgomery, Ohio

  9. I remember my Dad catching Walleyes and Mom stuffing them with corn bread stuffing and backing them whole. Eating whole fish is a little work because you must parse ...more the bones. Eating at a slower pace is very pleasant.

    When I see pictures of fish from a shop in London, it reminds me that I could be grilling fish whole and not always frying them. Sometimes, I wonder if we have lost the art of cooking fish in healthier ways.

  10. Fishing at Mt. Gilead State Lakes, Ohio 1940.

    That is my Grandfather, Roy Irons. He helped build the dam and he fished the lake. It has been good fishing ever ...more since.

    1. James George 0
      I am the boy in the background.
    2. James George 0
      He was a master with the cane pole.
    3. James George 0
      That photo is actually 1955.
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