1. Yesterday, I reported fishing at Sharonwoods in Cincinnati. They are removing the plants and algae that have congested the lake. That process takes some time. I ...more fished the lake from a boat a few weeks ago when the air was still cool. No bites, though it was promising. Here is another look at fly fishing from a canoe.

  2. At Sharon Lake (Sharon Woods Park Cincinnati) this afternoon, I guy fly fished from a canoe. He caught 138 bluegills. He claimed to have fished around the world ...more and this is his favorite spot.

    1. James George 0
      With all that bait, he could catch some big catfish too.
  3. A huge rainy spell hit southern Ohio the past couple of days, swelling creeks to flood stage. My Canadian worms arrive tomorrow by post. When the water goes down ...more and the sun comes out, I am going fishing at Lake Isabela. For now, I don't think the spawn is doing well in the Sycamore Creek.

  4. I need some advice. My bait store is closed so I can't get nightcrawlers. I have fake bait: orange fake eggs, fake minnows, and fake grub worms. No bites.

    I ...more am thinking that tomorrow, I will try cutting up ocean shrimp to see if I can catch catfish.

    Today, I cast all sorts of lures, and nothing.

    Aside from guys in boats catching giant saugeye, does anyone catch fish on fake bait.

    1. James George 0
      Speedy Worms of Canada deliver live night crawlers. I ordered 100 and we'll see how that works.
    2. T Sen 0
      walmart usually sells red worms, crawlers, and grubs worms. as for fake bait, get some road runners, and head out for crappie before the water warms and they finish ...more their spawn.
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  5. A cold front was moving through, but I was on Lake Isabella. The fish were safe distancing.

  6. The dude gets it done. I think I need a little more wiggle room.
    Sharon Woods Park, Cincinnati, Ohio

  7. Guys were out in small boats yesterday at Sharon Lake, Cincinnati, Ohio.

    1. James George 0
      Don't you like it when you can walk to work?
  8. 'Mothmen,' Rediscovered

    Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for attending the lecture this evening to learn about my recent exploration and a renewed discovery ...more of "the Mothmen." As you may know, the initial finding of the night creature was in West Virginia in 1966. Numerous sightings were made throughout the region of Appalachia. At that time, the "mothmen," presumably including the females of the species, were uprooted by aggressive coal mining.

    With a reduction in coal mining, accounts of seeing the mothmen diminished until recently. Now, reports are coming from the adjoining State of Ohio, where fracking is underway. An apparent swarm let loose and spread to the Cincinnati parklands where the birch bore beetles have infested the trees. Some scientists believe that the mothmen and beetles are working in symbiotic collaboration. The beetles bore holes like building condominiums, and the mothmen species move in.

    "I seen it for real," said one young man who said he was going fishing. Looking for bait in rotting logs, he found a clump and a nest of them. The man claimed that once on the hook, they swim like crazy in the water, attracting largemouth bass.

  9. At Pioneer Park pond, Montgomery, Ohio with the snowflakes falling, a young man was fishing for anything that would bite.

  10. Another guy fished Sharon Lake, Concinnati from a kayak.