1. 8 lb cat caught by this guy at Caesars Creek Dam outflow on chicken livers.

    1. James George 0
      I posted a photo, where is it?
  2. Some people were fishing at the Pioneer Park pond this morning. An elderly man sat on the dock and aimed at bottom fishing in the deepest part. His daughter and ...more grandson fished with bobbers, one set at 1 foot and the other 2 feet in depth.

    The fins from large carp could be seen breaking the surface above the old man's poles. The woman's bobber indicated getting bites. However, she was too impatient and moved before the fish ran with the bait.

    The boy was fishing too shallow, though I suggested he might move his line closer to the shore. That's when a large catfish indicated it was in a feed frenzy there.

  3. What I learned yesterday from fishing at this location at Caesar's Creek is that the bass is feeding on crawdads. I didn't discover that until I cleaned ...more them. I thought one fish was filled with roe, except it was a crawdad in the stomach.

    There are times when I fished this spot, and crawdads stole my bait and no fish were biting.
    I learned to use a bobber to keep the hook out of reach from the bottom. Cast further out to stay in deeper water.

  4. I caught six fish today at Caesars Creek and will have a fish dinner tonight.

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      Fishing is not Bike Riding

      You know, what they always say,
      "Once you can ride a bike, you never forget."
      I wish you could say that about fishing.

      I ...more have fished all my life, and indeed,
      some things I have mastered such as:
      tying a snap swivel to the string,
      attaching a hook with a leader, snapping
      on weight, and securing a bobber.

      Invariably, the fishing trip begins
      with hiking to a good spot,
      preferably in the shade, and
      near a deep hole that comes
      naturally with a log on which
      to sit or prop the poles.

      Instructed by my dad, I fish with two poles,
      with each having a different depth.
      Typically, the good spots are surrounded
      by bushes and trees, making casting
      the line challenging.

      Keeping the lines and hooks from tangling
      takes constant effort, and often there are
      two fish are biting at once.
      As if they know what they are doing,
      the fish cross the lines.

      Today, I managed to get the stars aligned
      and caught six nice fish for dinner tonight.
      I escaped without bug bites and poison ivy
      and will surely enjoy the catch of the day.
  5. A dad and son fished at Pioneer Park, Montgomery Ohio pond, and landed a nice catfish.

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      Maybe Buddy Pierce can offer instruction on how to remove the hook from a flopping catfish.
  6. Today, I visited Pioneer Park in Montgomery, Ohio where a teen boy was fishing while his father watched. I asked the father if the boy had caught anything with his ...more spinnerbait and he answered, "A small bass."

    That was surprising to me because I never saw anyone catch anything except bluegills and catfish at that pond.

    Why so few bass fish? For one thing, the pond is shallow, probably six to seven feet deep in the central channel. Second, the pond is not stocked, and its fish population is a natural occurrence. There are some large carp at the shallow end. Turtles are everywhere and watersnakes too.

    I have caught bluegills on lures here. Many people fish with hotdogs and catch catfish and turtles.

    This morning the air is refreshing and the sun is bright, giving inspiration to my heading to Caesar's Creek Lake in the morning.

  7. Yesterday, I reported fishing at Sharonwoods in Cincinnati. They are removing the plants and algae that have congested the lake. That process takes some time. I ...more fished the lake from a boat a few weeks ago when the air was still cool. No bites, though it was promising. Here is another look at fly fishing from a canoe.

  8. At Sharon Lake (Sharon Woods Park Cincinnati) this afternoon, I guy fly fished from a canoe. He caught 138 bluegills. He claimed to have fished around the world ...more and this is his favorite spot.

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      With all that bait, he could catch some big catfish too.
  9. A huge rainy spell hit southern Ohio the past couple of days, swelling creeks to flood stage. My Canadian worms arrive tomorrow by post. When the water goes down ...more and the sun comes out, I am going fishing at Lake Isabela. For now, I don't think the spawn is doing well in the Sycamore Creek.

  10. I need some advice. My bait store is closed so I can't get nightcrawlers. I have fake bait: orange fake eggs, fake minnows, and fake grub worms. No bites.

    I ...more am thinking that tomorrow, I will try cutting up ocean shrimp to see if I can catch catfish.

    Today, I cast all sorts of lures, and nothing.

    Aside from guys in boats catching giant saugeye, does anyone catch fish on fake bait.

    1. James George 0
      Speedy Worms of Canada deliver live night crawlers. I ordered 100 and we'll see how that works.
    2. T Sen 0
      walmart usually sells red worms, crawlers, and grubs worms. as for fake bait, get some road runners, and head out for crappie before the water warms and they finish ...more their spawn.
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