1. So have a fish story of sorts today. Fished a small club tournament, about 15 boats. Caught a fish 3 casts before weigh in that weighed in at 9.48. Was in a rush ...more to get to weigh in I didn't take a pic. Was going to take one at the weigh in. When I weighted my fish, I realized I left my phone in the truck. Ran up to get it, by the time I came back the guy weighing the fish had put them back in the water. Wasn't a personal best or anything like that. But would of liked to get a picture of her, she was massive. Spring time would of been a double digit for sure. Oh well, still a good day on the water.

    1. Noah Shapiro 0
  2. Never ceases to amaze me how aggressive bass are. Little guy hit a bait that was over half his size.

    8 oz. 7 in. Largemouth Bass with a strike king XD5

    1. Nevin Stoltzfus 0
      Thanks George
    2. Pete Garm 0
      I'm pretty sure that crankbait tried eating that bass haha
    3. Noah Shapiro 0
      Ha lol
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  3. Sight fishing for some redfish, I like to call them bass on steroids. Haha

    6 lb. 27 in. Red Drum with a gold spoon

  4. Same story different day, dam is hot right now. Fish it early before the heat gets you.

    4 lb. 22 in. Largemouth Bass with a strike king jig

  5. Got on an early bite around the dam, before the wind got up as it has for what seems like forever haha

    4 lb. 22 in. Largemouth Bass with a strike king jig

    1. George Lay 0
      Yea it's starting to get back to what it was. Can't wait til it gets back to it was in 2012-2013.
    2. jorge cavazos 0
      Thanks for sharing, Falcon its getting better and better
    3. George Lay 0
      Na just a regular jig bumping over the rocks on the rip rap.
    4. jorge cavazos 0
      Swim jig?
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  6. Caught them a few different ways, wind got up made it a bit more difficult

    24 in. Red Drum with a spoon/gulp

  7. Anyone have any info about the lake? Going To be fishing a bass champs there in a couple weeks. Any info would be welcomed, thanks.

    1. Nathan Spangenberg 0
      Yeah for sure. I recommend flipping the outer parts first, that's what I did and how I caught my big one. Wacky rigged worked well for me getting into the middle ...more of docks. Make sure you're in shade :)
    2. George Lay 0
      Nice Nathan, I've never fished it either. But from what I've seen there's a ton of boat docks to choose from.
    3. Nathan Spangenberg 0
      I fished some docks yesterday and caught a 5.5, a 4, and a 2. First time on the lake not too bad
    4. George Lay 0
      You think they'll be in full blown spawn by this time next weekend?
    5. Edgar Houghton 0
      Fished today on Lake LBJ and only squeaked out a few keepers with the best one caught sight fishing on 7" watermelon red worms.
    6. George Lay 0
      Thanks for the info! I appreciate it!
    7. Edgar Houghton 0
      They are prespawn so any hard bottom 5 to 8 foot near drop offs and with LBJ slways around the boat docks. I tend to fish more up the Colorado River from 1431 bridge. ...more Soft plastics red/shad, plum, or colors close to those. Square billed crank baits white on clear bright days and white and chartreuse spinner baits. I haven't fished it since lake was filled back up. but good chance I will this week.
    8. Chelsea miller 0
      Banks, dropoffs and docks medium diving ( white or blue and chartussere crank
      bait on the pause. Your welcome.
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