1. snagged this sob by accident. went ahead and tossed it back for the guppies. what is it a xxxl minnow? I was gonna take off the crankbait and start cranking ...more the minnow. probably would have landed a keeper but too many people were already giving me the evil eye because it was my first cast and they looked liked they'd been skunked all day.

    1 lb. 12 in. ?? with a crankbait

    1. joe joe 0
      who eats the big SOB? I'd need a bad ass hook and line to toss his out 20 yards..I don't think my ultra light gear would have handled that very well.
    2. J Gray 0
      Gizzard shad
    3. Noah Shapiro 0
      Looks like a shad
    4. joe joe 0
      that day I had a casting net and cat a 5 gallon bucket full and then ended up leaving the bucket in my truck for the weekend by accident ! Monday was a stinker ! ...more ended up having to toss in my neighbors trashcan.
    5. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      Yes .
    6. joe joe 0
      one time I was at lake Ray Hubbard and they seemed to have been skinnier and longer, not so wide. different type of shad ?
    7. joe joe 0
      that was one big ass shad! damn! next till I'll use him for bait instead of lunch! that crank bait isn't ur average size crankbait either!
    8. Eloy Salinas 0
      That is a shad, makes great cut bait for some big channel cats.
    9. T Sen 0
      Lol, yea, probably not much of an eating type fish. I caught one close in size on a roadrunner jig while crappie fishing a few years ago.
    10. joe joe 0
      I see the response now. a shad! damn should have cut its head off and went cat fishing. I must've thrown into a school of fish and I catch a shad of all things.
    11. joe joe 0
      put it on the grill and tasted like shit! WTF is in it? WTF IS IT?
    12. Brian Quisenberry 0
      Best bait ever for giant freshwater striper if you can keep them lively long enough to fish with them!!
    13. T Sen 0
      gotta love a giant gizzard shad! too bad they're not so easy to find that size when you want to go fishing for striped bass, or blue cats.
    14. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      Gizzard shad.
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