1. 23.0 in. Muskellunge with a rat l trap.

  2. Tried out a new lake today. Merky water, tuff , bite but got a couple fish!! 15.5 " bass& 23" musky😊🎣

  3. Sorted through the young bucks and got this big girl earlier this week. 20" 5lbs

  4. slow morning, but got this guy and another bout the same size, at least had a little action while watching hundreds of 3" perch nip at the baits. Lol.

    18 in. Northern Pike with a rattle spoon

    1. patrick curtis 0
      thanks David, be up that way in a week or so. tight lines!!
    2. David Sharp 0
      Trucks out all over every weekend
    3. patrick curtis 0
      Sounds like a good outing Matt, I'll be back up there the 1st week of Feb. for a couple days. got some time off I been saving. tight lines!!
    4. Matthew Nederhoed 0
      I was up there this last Sunday, pulled 3 keeper walleye 2 pike 2 perch. I have fished the lake my entire life and usually can pull 3-5 walleye every time.
    5. patrick curtis 0
      Rite on , david, thanks man
    6. David Sharp 0
      Had quad out last 3 weekends. Good ice east side launch 7-11" and 5-7" on north west side. Patrick fish drop offs, points, flats next to the above mentioned ...more stuff. I always fish 8-12ft in the weeds or on the edge off a breakline. And 90mins before and 90 mins after sun up and down. Can catch them in the day just really hard to do.
    7. Kenneth Campfield 0
      Me either and I have been up there for eight years I catch them more by accident than on purpose
    8. patrick curtis 0
      I'm still learning the lake been in it half dozen times the last 2 years. haven't figured out the eyes yet
    9. patrick curtis 0
      gonna take a lot folks too thin this lake out. Lol I've never caught one bigger than 26" here.
    10. Kenneth Campfield 0
      nice job Patrick help us get the hammer handles out of the lake
    11. patrick curtis 0
      No walleye, from what I'm hearing, it's 1/2 before and after dark , best bite
    12. patrick curtis 0
      there's a good 6-7" sleds, and quads out running around too.
    13. Ryan Soule 0
      How's the ice? Thinking about making a trip up there this weekend. Any luck on walleye?
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  5. 3 lb. 18 in. Largemouth Bass with a pop r

  6. Sunday morning, 11 bass 1 pike, in 5 hours. slow start but fast action last 3 hours out.

    2 lb. 3 oz. 16 in. Largemouth Bass with a plastic worm

  7. 34 in. Northern Pike with a crank

  8. had a great day on Kent lake . 5 bass 6 pike, and this big guy that got foul hooked by my rattle trap in the tail!!! after 15 mins. finally got it in for a pic and ...more and a good laugh.

    15 lb. 26 in. Common Carp


I'm located in Michigan. Love to hunt and fish, year round. Hard to beat all four seasons here .

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