1. Details: Yellow Perch with a Alaska Premier Vacuum Packed Cured Salmon Roe

    12ft 50yds from shore

  2. Details: 1 lb. Walleye

    34 ft deep

    1. Kelly Eickenbrock 0
      How has the fishing been at Stump. I’m driving up from Arizona to fish and Stump is my first stop.
  3. Tangled up all lines in the fish house.

    13 lb. Northern Pike

    1. Andrew Klefstad 0
      35" long , but real fat. Didn't have a scale just went off a chart.
    2. Tanner Tougas 0
      Nice fish, how long?
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  4. Northern Pike

    1. Landon Buehre 0
      I live right next to grass lake