1. Caught under light at our house boat

    15 in. White Crappie with a minnow

    1. Steve Black 0
      Used to do great for crappies on Watts Bar with a floating light in the fall. Not so much in the spring.
    2. T Sen 0
      I have a drop in light, non colored, or halogen, i guess. Maybe i just need to give it more time, and a 3rd battery to dedicate to the light...lol
    3. Jamie Turner 0
      There were plenty more the same size.I got one to bite,there very picky
    4. Jamie Turner 0
      Drop in light
    5. Jamie Turner 0
      We have a 4 foot green light
    6. Hook Setter 0
      We have blue lighting on the bottom of our pontoon where it shines downward
    7. T Sen 0
      I've tried night fishinga few times....havent been too successful yet....ya use a top water light, or drop in?
    8. Hook Setter 0
      WOW that's a great size. Way to Hook'em
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  2. Caught at point 16

    White Crappie with a minnow

  3. Bluegill with a crickets

    1. Jamie Turner 0
    2. Robert Coleman 0
      Love your choice of nail polish! Lol jk Good eats there! 👍👍
    3. William Glover 0
      what state?
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  4. My friend caught this one

    16 lb. Striped Bass with a shad

    1. Jennifer Trentham 0
    2. kentuckyjules Tavis 0
      Beautiful Bass
    3. Marty Murray 0
      Awesome Striper
    4. Shawn Gearinger 0
      That's a fine striper!
    5. Kenneth Olivo 0
      Nice stripper!!!
    6. Jimbo Harwood 0
      nice striped bass!
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  5. 22 lb. Common Carp with a shad