1. private pond little guy.

    12 oz. Largemouth Bass with a wacky rig

  2. broke out the fly rod.

    Bluegill with a fly

  3. Estimate

    1 lb. 10 oz. 14.0 in. Largemouth Bass with a Choppers garlic stick worm Texas rigged

  4. caught 2 rats like this. Estimate on the size

    1 lb. 12.0 in. Largemouth Bass

  5. Estimating the size

    2 lb. 8 oz. 16.0 in. Largemouth Bass with a zoom baby brushhog

  6. 1 lb. 12.0 in. Largemouth Bass with a squarebill

  7. 2 dinks about the same

    12 oz. 10.0 in. Largemouth Bass with a zoom swamp crawler bold bluegill

  8. 1 lb. 14 oz. 16.0 in. Largemouth Bass with a spinner bait wit a rage swimmer

    1. Rick Carey 0
      Ya I think little bit of front we had may have shaken them up a bit with the rain we had an slight drop in temp..I'd fish mornings or late evenings ..or whenever ...more u can fish..lol..should pickup by weekend..went out sat with buddy magadore an caught some decent crappies 10inchers..in boat went shore today an couldn't find good spot for them..may have moved out deeper I imagine
    2. Jim Golden 0
      got that one on 3rd cast. nothing for the following 2 hrs
    3. Jim Golden 0
    4. Rick Carey 0
      Nice one Jim..I was gonna go their today took half day work an decided to go to magadore Instead should have went to nimmisila..got skunked at magadore .
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  9. also had a tiny yellow perch and LMB

    Bluegill with a Roostertail


Just an occasional fisherman but my wife and I are starting to go out more often. Shore fishing or wading so far.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Bass
  • Waterway Nimisila, Walborn,
  • Lure any that work