1. How are the heads of Beaver and Otter looking?

    1. Jeremiah Wattigny 0
  2. Hey fisher people, any action around the dam end of the Lake Cumberland?

  3. Scouting for big fish and or bait fish. Put in at Halcomb Landing last night. We went up into Indian Creek, made a circle around mouths of inlet coves and points. ...more Could not find bait although we did catch a couple rogues. Ok fisher people what's going on out there?

    1. Bryan Schuler 0
      That request for help on this Stream to admin was fruitless.
    2. Bryan Schuler 0
      We went out again this evening, Big South Fork. I think I have this figured out now.
    3. Bryan Schuler 0
      Another I characteristic I noticed is that there are no striper guides out, and no striper guides have posted a fishing report but maybe one in first of October, ...more since then close to January 2017.......fisher people of Lake Cumberland band together! We need some tourney and guide type lake scholars alike! Recruit to the group!
    4. Bryan Schuler 0
      Same report this evening. No bait, in the Beaver Creek or Otter Creek areas. Water is 66 degrees.
    5. Bryan Schuler 0
      Ok, this is a killer resource web sight with everyone included. No responses......Admin message me at bryanatlcr@gmail.com, your site is awesome, but I don't ...more understand the dynamics.
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  4. Eating size.

    19 in. Walleye with a sliver

    1. Bryan Schuler 0
      I have only gotten one this year. This has been a crazy late summer fall bite. We are now waiting for water to reach 50s.
    2. Bob Steltenkamp 0
      do you have much luck on Cumberland. for walleye
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  5. Started a group called Striper Hunters. Anyone want to share activity for stripers and or bait habits?

    1. Bryan Schuler 0
      The Commonwealth Journal posted the lake is turning over; any word in dam area?
    2. Bryan Schuler 0
      William Craddock ty for sharing! First blood!
    3. Drew Hensley 0
      sign me up!
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3rd Generation fisherman and avid fishing lure collector. Specializing in large game fish species and Fred Arbogast Jitterbug collection 1940s. ...more I appreciate old tackle media as Field And Stream, Umco tackle boxes, all lures in general.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Stripers, Walleye, and Crappie. Smallmouths nice too!
  • Waterway Big South Fork in Spring, and major Lake Cumberland year around.
  • Lure Sexy Shad XDs, all sizes