1. VISION 110+1
    Largest smallie i have laid eyes on.

    6 lb. 1 oz. Smallmouth Bass with a Jerkbait

  2. Smallmouth Bass with a 11 xrap

  3. Hungry enough to hit a large Muskie intended lure.

    4 lb. Smallmouth Bass with a Jerkbait. Storm flat stick / jointed

    1. thomas shepard 0
      yay me
  4. 34 inch northern from the Beaver river. Looking for muskie but close enough . Silver and blue Husky Jerk

    1. thomas shepard 0

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Tiger musky and Pike
  • Waterway Beaver river until i hit the lottery
  • Lure Jerk baits until i can rock the suicide duck or jitterbug