1. Yellow Perch with a worm

    1. Robert Coleman 0
      Mount It! Lol
  2. Smallmouth Bass with a night crawler

    1. T Sen 0
      watch out!! theres a shark about to steal your fish!!!.....lol
  3. Smallmouth Bass with a night crawler

  4. great day on the lake

  5. Anyone been on skegemong lately? im taking the kids out Sunday to drown some worms any spots I should hit?

  6. Rock Bass with a getzit

    1. Brian Armour 0
      Yea I know
    2. Brian Armour 0
    3. Mike Neil 0
      Definitely a rock bass bro. Lol
    4. Chris O'Kelly 0
      That's definitely a rock bass
    5. J V 0
      Rock Bass
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