1. 50lb braided spider wire, 9/0 circle hook,

    52 lb. 49 in. Flathead Catfish with a Chicken Breast

    1. Barry Peeler 0
      I love fishing for the big ones set all day or night just to hear that rod go off
    2. Adam Stiner 0
      It was a day catch, right around noon. I've caught all my decent cats between 10am and 2pm. I've caught some nice Northern Pikes at the same spot but they ...more hit around 5-7pm. And yes it was an amazing feeling and an awesome fight.
    3. Barry Peeler 0
      Was that a day or night catch. Don't matter that's a good one. Some fish all their lives just to feel that on the end of that rod
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  2. 49", 52lb flathead. Best catch of the year so far but still going for bigger.


Gave up fishing for about 7 years after getting back from Iraq and now I'm back full swing. Only go for monster fish but I catch a little bit ...more of everything. Hoping to be able to start getting in some tournaments again soon.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Flathead Catfish
  • Waterway Mosquito Lake, OH
  • Lure Chicken breast soaked in blood