1. i caught him and he was 10 lbs and he just took it as it was falling

    Largemouth Bass with a mepps size 4 gold spinner

    1. Mason Young 0
      do u see my arm it was heavy bc u can see the outline of my bone.
    2. Mason Young 0
      dont judge the profile pic either my gf made me do it.🤣🤣🤣 it was homecomeing who cares right...
    3. Mason Young 0
      ey social distancing is key i got my neighbor to take the pic bc i forgot my phone.
    4. Scott Sorrell 0
      😂😁😁 10 pounds you say
    5. Indeed!
    6. WOW!!!!
    7. Mason Young 0
      he was my biggest one ive caught in about 2 years
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  2. caught this giant yesterday evening he was a good 8lbs at the landing by the weeds. i have cought about 30 bass and 40sauger this summer in the river as well. if ...more anyone wants any tips on where to fish on the lake hmu i would be more than happy to help u out. i fish the lake almost 3 hrs a day this summer and last march,

    1. Wow-zers!
    2. WOW again!!!!
    3. Mason Young 0
      biggest one i caught in almost 2 years.
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  3. 16inch largmouth bass cought

    10 lb. 7 oz. 17 in. Largemouth Bass with a jig

    1. Mason Young 0
      I COUGHT it just off my Pier it was big


I am 15 I love to fish, I fish almost it everyday if not that, i try to get out every 3 days. i play hockey (love the blackhawks as u can tell ...more :p).

Fishing Favorites

  • Species muskie bass walleye and northern
  • Waterway lake wisconsin
  • Lure little cleos work for all of them.