1. 10.1 bass

    biggest catch ever

    1. Beau Ray 0
      Guess I'm going to go check right now lol
    2. Beau Ray 0
      I caught it in the cove pretty much straight across from the boat ramp. In the back as far as I m know she is still there
    3. Derek Jones 0
      where on sportsman lake?
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  2. Details: 10 lb. 1 oz. 28 in. Largemouth Bass with a worm

    1. Beau Ray 0
      Baits hard to find around here
    2. Pamela Sue Anderson 0
      I want to go out to Sportsman's on Thursday but this time maybe just some bait and some trolling. Just have to figure out what I need to use.
    3. Beau Ray 0
      I went to sportsmans yesterday, bass was real slow. Hard to think there on the bed still but I think they are they wasn't taking anything. Only way I could catch ...more them was by getting a reaction strike. And I could litterally move them with my lure with no reaction. But atleast I got some smalls and a really sweet sunburn
    4. Pamela Sue Anderson 0
      After being skunked every time I got out I finally caught something yesterday! Four cats the biggest one was only 1.75 but hey I broke the streak that is what's ...more important!
    5. Beau Ray 0
      I'm loading up right now
    6. Beau Ray 0
      No wind would be amazing
    7. Pamela Sue Anderson 0
      That is fantastic! I hope I have some luck just got my boat going after two years sitting. Can't wait to hit the lake with NO WIND! LOL
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  • Species bass
  • Waterway Wewoka
  • Lure motor oil manns