1. Did a little toothless piranha fishing last night

  2. Just started learning to sketch some.

    1. Rabun Wallace 0
      Thank you
    2. Really nice! 👍🏻
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  3. Another largemouth on a jig at lunch

    1. Rabun Wallace 0
      Thank you. Are getting a tad bigger as the weather warms up at least
    2. George Horvath 0
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  4. A little fishing humor

  5. Cold rain front moving in but caught another small one on lunch break

    1. Rabun Wallace 0
      It was a small grub and was in the back of the mouth. water is still cool enough having to let them take it still
    2. George Horvath 0
      Looks like it swallowed the hook.
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  6. Just a small one but it is the first fish of the year for me.

  7. When it is 73 degrees at lunch in January, you go fishing

    1. Rabun Wallace 0
      Scott we are supposed to get back down to 34 by Friday so is short lived
    2. Rabun Wallace 0
      Michael y'all have less of a winter than we do apparently
    3. Scott S 0
      Must be nice
      81° Rockport texas
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  8. 1.5lb bass after work

  9. God's handiwork at it's finest

    1. Rabun Wallace 0
      Thanks. Yes he sure does
    2. Scott S 0
      Beautiful...God does some awesome work
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  10. Small one after work


I enjoy being outdoors rather hunting, fishing, shooting, camping, working on my cars, or just relaxing in my savior's creation.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Bass, Bluegill, Trout,
  • Waterway Farm Ponds
  • Lure Texas Rigged Worm