1. Not a fish but had a visitor in the yard during lunch

  2. Another good bluegill on an ultralight

  3. Good size bluegill

  4. 1.5lber on lunch break. Pulled like a mac truck for it's size thought was a bit bigger.

  5. Greedy little guy

  6. Decent bluegill this afternoon. Fun fight on an ultralight rod.

  7. They can't all be big ones

  8. Good size Bluegill

  9. Decent sunfish on a flyrod

  10. Small one on a frog after work.


I enjoy being outdoors rather hunting, fishing, shooting, camping, working on my cars, or just relaxing in my savior's creation.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Bass, Bluegill, Trout,
  • Waterway Farm Ponds
  • Lure Texas Rigged Worm