1. 11.5 inch smallmouth

    11 in. Smallmouth Bass with a 2" rapala fat rap

    1. zack Stimson
      I like the picture good catch looks like you need a camera man out there
    2. john stimson
      nice catch
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  2. Muskie hit my large 8 inch, chatter bait, also called spinnner bait but with square spoon

    51 in. Muskellunge with a chatter bait

    1. Holy $#*@ That is a monster! Nice Skie Peter! 👍👍👍👍👍
    2. Drew Gierach
    3. john stimson
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  3. Nice morning at the Pond. Caught seven between 4 and 8 AM.

    Channel Catfish with a Bluegill

    1. john stimson
      nice catch Delvin
  4. the only bite I was able to hook , no luck with spinners from shore.

    Channel Catfish with a ckl

    1. john stimson
      thanks Delvin . still want that big one .
    2. Delvin Lopez
      Nice healthy fish John!
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  5. Worked along this shore and around the point a bit on the main lake.

    1. john stimson
      i am going monday to work the east side of the lake from shore ,if you have a boat try up by the mouth ,had sum luck by the swim area on the other end of the lake ...more with spinners.
    2. Tried finding a night spot for Crappie with a crappie light but no luck. Got dive bombed by a bunch of hellgrammites.

      Always looking for someone to go fishing ...more with so throw me a message and we can take the boat out.
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  6. my first mtb catch , had a fun time ,the bite started at first light , slowed at noon .

    Rainbow Trout with a MTB

  7. "Where's the fish?" Yea, this was taken a half second after I dropped the darn thing.

    16 in. Largemouth Bass with a Drop shot, black/blue worm with liquid mayhem

    1. Curd on a drop shot??LOL
    2. Drew Gierach
      Our bass eat a lot of Cheese, Morris.
    3. Wisconsin record largemouth!!! 16 lbs?
    4. Rich Pardy
      Haha, made for a great pic though!! I probably shouldnt laugh cause it brings back memories from this winter when i went to dip my 40 inch pike in the hole to ...more get the snow off for the pic and away she went without a pic uggghhh!!!
    5. Uggggggggggggggg! We've all been there!
    6. Pete Garm
      and lemme guess, a 16 Inc by 10 pounder right?? lol you'll get him next time
    7. john stimson
      tough luck , you got to enjoy the fight thats the best part of fishin
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  8. Largemouth Bass with a D Bomb

    1. Derek Stitt
      Trying my best Matt
    2. Matt DeVries
      Well I see your still hooken those fat girls
    3. Derek Stitt
      Thank Scott 👍👊
    4. scott clark
      hawg snatcher Derek at it again,cool pic,Nice job to the camera man!!
    5. Derek Stitt
      Thanks Rich, the fire burnt out today, my biggest bass was a 1.5 Smallmouth.
    6. Derek Stitt
      Thanks Robert
    7. Rich Pardy
      The man is on fire!!
    8. Awesome shot Derek! It looks like a Hawg!
    9. Derek Stitt
      Thanks John &Bob!
    10. Derek Stitt
      #missile baits, that's cool..
    11. Eric Pellant
      You at it again! You know John Crews lives in my hometown?
    12. john stimson
    13. Bob kalbaugh
      Nice Derek you are a beast
    14. Derek Stitt
      Thanks Natalie!!
    15. Really nice catch
    16. Nice catch
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  9. tried to beat the heat sunday with some night fishing , landed 14 cats biggest of the night 3 #

    Channel Catfish with a ckl

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  11. Largemouth Bass with a Rapala DT16

    1. Derek Stitt
      Thanks Melissa and David!!
    2. Derek Stitt
      Thanks Eric!
    3. Derek Stitt
      Thanks Rich, yeah no doubt the mayhem is on there!
    4. Melissa Norris
      great pic!😀
    5. Eric Pellant
      Your the man! Outstanding shot....
    6. Rich Pardy
      Awesome shot, is that liquid mayhem I see flying out of his mouth ;)
    7. Shawn Gearinger
      Nice pic! Great catch!
    8. David Moore Jr.
      💰 $hot!!!
    9. Derek Stitt
      Thanks guys
    10. john stimson
      cool shot,nice bass
    11. Justin Higgins
      Gotta love the DT series by far my favorite
    12. Derek Stitt
      Thanks Robert!
    13. Robert Coleman
      Sweet shot!
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live in N.M. love to fish ,long cast,big fish on the line.

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  • Species cat fish
  • Waterway cochiti lake
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