1. it weighed 49 pounds. It was the biggest bass I ever caught.

    Largemouth Bass with a worm

    1. b fishin
      photo shop world record was set in 1935 22lbs4oz and remaines the world record and another tied with it in 2009 in Japan
    2. That bass is a beaut! I'm not sure about the 49 lb part though;)
    3. Brian Hornsby
      Photoshoped all the way!! Nice picture though.
    4. Gary Nesbit
      The current world record is 22 Pound & 5 ounces!
    5. 49 sure your not pushing that.
    6. Jacob Stout
      jed is my buddy
    7. bob Conlee
      no way u would have the word recard
    8. bob Conlee
      there no way u would have beat the bass recard i
    9. Kenneth Olivo
      That's Jed Dickerson lolol caught that bass in lake Dixon South California in 2006 that fish was 21 pounds not 49 pal
    10. Jacob Stout
      guys that was this guy I met with
    11. Dennis Martin
      looks Photoshoped, not very believable....
    12. I'd report this if I were you cause this beats the known world record by more than 25 pounds!
    13. john stimson
      fish story !
    14. Kenneth Olivo
      Wth no way! Nice bass tho!
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  2. Back from my fly fishing trip to Ohio...awesome trip! I had to stalk this guy for 20 minutes while he bullied other males. I finally got his attention drifting ...more an egg pattern. And strategically for me he wasn't at 100% stamina because of this because if he was I'm not sure I would've won this fight!

    Steelhead with a Egg pattern fly

    1. Kenneth Olivo
      Big un Chris!
    2. Morris Campbell
      Fly rod strikes again:)
    3. Morris Campbell
      Thats excellent Chris!!! Beautiful steelhead!
    4. john stimson
      Nice catch
    5. Isaac Switzer
      That's a huge fish!
    6. Giant!! Good job
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  3. Channel Catfish with a liver

    1. John Souther
      I wish I could get into them like that. Fish fry baby
    2. john stimson
    3. About 1 hour of fishing
    4. nice pile
    5. now that's a night of action.
    6. Jimbo Harwood
      nice hall!
    7. Jimbo Harwood
      Cat fish nuggets for dinner lol
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  4. Added a catch

    24 in. Northern Pike

    1. Black double bladed colorodo blade spinner with a white trailer plastic.
    2. John. Caught it at wolf lake hegawich IL
    3. john stimson
      what did you use to catch that pike?
    4. Thank you. there will be alot more pics of fish i catch this summer.
    5. Good job Joseph
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  5. caught it on a heavy duty leader and circle hook. Here is the best tip I have for carp at Raystown Lake is always use circle hooks and they will hook them straight ...more in the lip but leave the hook gap and barb exposed in order for it to work. Another tip is fish dough baits,bread balls,and other such things. Also look in coffee run, the resort, and 7 points. Use these tips and you are almost guaranteed to catch over 10 pounders each time.

    15 lb. 28 in. Common Carp with a French fries

    1. Great Job
    2. john stimson
      good catch & good tip ,thanks
    3. Awesome catch . Congrats
    4. Do they like Burger king, Mcdonald or wendys fries best?
    5. Nice job that's a giant.
    6. Jimbo Harwood
      sweet catch
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    LOL this is not Proud Mary... Fishin' on the River!

    1. Melody Sharp
      lol Thanks Rich
    2. Rich Pardy
      haha, good stuff!!
    3. Melody Sharp
      haha I got bored one day at work lol
    4. john stimson
      thats great
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  7. I couldn't stay away, the crappie were a little deeper so I popped the float off the jig and lift dropped it back to the boat. The super thin no stretch Gliss ...more line helped me miss very few whacks on the slow drop. whacked even more than last time. Size was better too!

    Black Crappie with a Ardent C-Force w/ Gliss line

    1. Rich Pardy
      Man the huge crappie love Mat Nelson lol
    2. Melissa Norris
      nice slab 😀
    3. Jimbo Harwood
    4. i don't keep any over 12-12.5" jimbo, all these 14-15"+ crappie were released, to me with all fish, the big ones are worth more in the water, even ...more panfish. lay more eggs and better chance of passing on 'big fish' genes. Kept 4 12" ones and got 1.5lbs of fillets of them! that's all i needed and yes they were delicious!
    5. just a jig and curl tail plastic, no bait needed!
    6. john stimson
      jig tip with ????
    7. Robert Coleman
      Nice slab Chris!
    8. Dude you are a slab monster!
    9. Jimbo Harwood
      Nice crappie Chris. looks like good eating. lol
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  8. Smallmouth Bass

    1. Derek Stitt
      Yeah she was Ronald
    2. Derek Stitt
      Thanks Shawn
    3. Derek Stitt
      I know Rich, I would of been smiling if I had at least two more
    4. Derek Stitt
      Thanks Robert
    5. Ronald Howell
      Fat and ready to lay those eggs.
    6. Shawn Gearinger
      Nice smallie!
    7. Rich Pardy
      Derek your supposed to look at the camera and smile when you catch a nice smallie like that :)
    8. That is nice
    9. Robert Coleman
      Awesome color and markings on that one!
    10. Derek Stitt
      thanks guys!
    11. Morris Campbell
      Nice smallie!!
    12. Jonah Switzer
      Nice one!
    13. Dude that's GIANT!!!!!!!!!
    14. john stimson
    15. Looks like a nice one
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  9. advertisement
  10. McQueen Park Pond, Gilbert AZ

    1. Delvin Lopez
      Thanks, yea, heading out this evening, maybe pink moon will get me some bites. Got skunked at Roosevelt Lake last week.
    2. john stimson
      Nice pic Delvin wheres the fish at ? Its been slow here. makes me want to night fish.
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  11. 9th place out of 93 boats

    10 lb. 12 oz. 18 in. Largemouth Bass with a Jerkbait

    1. Wade Bowles
      Awesome job guys 9/93 is something to be proud of. Congrats!
    2. Rich Pardy
      Nice job guys!!
    3. Will Schibig
    4. Nice job will
    5. john stimson
      great job Will nice bass
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live in N.M. love to fish ,long cast,big fish on the line.

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