1. 12 small cats

    15 oz. 11 in. Channel Catfish with a stink bait

    1. NiKo D. 0
      I'm headed to Caballo early AM! have any tips, if you've fished there before? or would it be worth the trip all the way to the butts??
    2. john stimson 0
      fished New Water
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  2. top water , old lure from my dads box ,my first bass on it

    Largemouth Bass with a top water BEE

    1. Nice! I was looking at those bees(Rebel?)
    2. Thanks
    3. yeah crazy crawler. you ever try a Jackall pompadour topwater bait. its something like it.
    4. nothing like using*** I'm about to break this phone.. lol
    5. Not sure of the name of it ??? its old , I like the action on it ,alot like the jitter bug ,
    6. or an older style jitter-bug
    7. Nice John! nothing using dads equipment.. 😂
    8. Nice
    9. Chad Jaco 0
      Nice, looks like a crazy crawler!!
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  3. shoe with a # 2 hook

    1. Sometimes you have to shuffle your feet to find them!
    2. Mark Oland 0
      Filet of sole
    3. lol
    4. Now that's funny!! 😂
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  4. nice morning bite alot of small cats

    Channel Catfish with a nightcrawler

    1. RIGHT!! LOL
    2. thanks Jimbo just glad to catch fish
    3. Nice cat!!! good eater!
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  5. very windy day ,hard fishing ,still looking for the great grandma of this fish!

    Channel Catfish with a ckl

    1. john stimson 0
      I hear you Delvin thanks
    2. john stimson 0
      thanks Bryan ,I am out fishing so a good day.
    3. Delvin Lopez 0
      Big ones are in there John! What's it eating, it ain't hotdogs :)
    4. Bryan Harper 0
      Nice kitty John!
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  6. trolling, very windy ,water temp 58 ,slow bite with the cats

    White Bass with a Mepps Spinner

  7. missed 2 big one , came off on me under the boat

    bull head with a nightcrawler

    1. Delvin Lopez 0
      Like the color on that one John.
    2. Jimbo Harwood 0
      Damn!! well at least you set up right. Lol. they will do that here too.. pull you down in the, Big rocks and there gone.. lol
    3. john stimson 0
      20 # sea gar mono ,other pole 50# braid
    4. Jimbo Harwood 0
      What lb test you running??
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  8. trolling planners

    White Bass with a Mepps Giant Killer Spinner

    1. Jimbo Harwood 0
      Nice white bass John!!
  9. Fun day on the water ,this carp hit a empty hook I dropped over the side of the boat ,test my bobber rig up .My lucky big fish of the day 3# with no bait . white ...more bass , crappie trolling, cat fish with liver

    Common Carp with a bare hook& luck

    1. Delvin Lopez 0
      Haha, nice! Good flathead bait :)
    2. nice. usually what they like to eat lol nothing lol
    3. zack Stimson 0
      Shocked look on your face is funny
    4. Buddy Pierce 0
      Cool trick!
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  10. windy day ,3 cats ,1 smallie ,

    Smallmouth Bass with a live 4in minnow

    1. Jimbo Harwood 0
      sweet catch john!
    2. Bryan Harper 0
      Love Smallies,nice job John!
    3. Roger Parker 0
      Good catch,, great pic.
    4. Noah Shapiro 0
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live in N.M. love to fish ,long cast,big fish on the line.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species cat fish
  • Waterway cochiti lake
  • Lure worms , ckn liver