1. Why u no catch em this weekend m8

    1. Will Temple 0
      Yeah I had a buddy that was around 23rd with like 10.03
    2. Hunter Ruber 0
      I caught 10 pounds for 23rd place... too close to the national cut
    3. Will Temple 0
      I caught a few just a little short
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  2. About a pound and 1/2

    1. Donnie Powers 0
      Nice one !! Is your buddy cry'in behind you cause your catch'in em all 😝😇😅
    2. Will Temple 0
      Taylorsville lake over by van buren boat dock
    3. danny rodgers 0
      Where did you catch him at will
    4. Will Temple 0
      White buzz bait
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Fishing Favorites

  • Species large mouth bass
  • Waterway taylorsville lake
  • Lure wacky rig