1. Due to the smoke in my part of California, I haven't fished much at all the last couple months. Had a little shift in the wind today so took advantage. Caught ...more a few between 12 and 16 inches.

    14 in. Trout with a 1/4 oz red and chrome kastmaster

  2. Was gonna give Jenkinson a shot this morning. This is the screen shot from the webcam. Decided it was a little too smokey. Hoping the smoke clears out soon.

  3. I see all you guys in shorts and tshirts out fishing. Too cold for that at my main lakes. Gonna give it a try though if the wind lets me.

    1. Jeremiah Wattigny 0
      Fella like 103' here in central Illinois
  4. Tried to go to my local lake this weekend. It has been taken over by people riding on pool floats and campers who think because there is not a Domino's pizza ...more nearby, they are "roughing" it. So I took my float tube up to the high elevation lakes to escape. Got a few rainbows and a couple browns. Used my ultralight setup with 2lb test so it was fun.

    1. Tom Shirley 0
      I went by Sly Park on Sunday morning about 10 and it was packed. Just kept going up Mormon Emigrant Trail to Highway 88 lakes.
    2. Grant Thomas 0
      I assume you are talking about Sly Park? It was a sh*tshow on Saturday. We got out of there by 11am.
    3. Noah Shapiro 0
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  5. Headed down to Red Lake to test out my new float tube. Maybe tie into a cutthroat while I am at it.

  6. Got my personal best rainbow at the Silver Lake spillway. Wanted to try out my new float tube but after checking out 2 other lakes I just stopped at Silver because ...more the wind was just too bad to launch the float tube. Just really annoyed I dropped him before getting a photo. Don't know his length or weight but was easily the biggest rainbow trout I ever had. Before I pulled him up I was guessing I tied into a lake trout but definitely a rainbow.

  7. Went up to the high altitude lakes since ice is almost all gone. Was inflating my primary float tube and got it to about 75% full when I heard a whoosh. About an ...more inch long part of the seam opened up. Guess I was lucky it didn't happen while on the water. Since it is an older tube (about 10 years) I figure it is probably safe just to get a new one.

    1. Noah Shapiro 0
      That's close
    2. John c 0
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  8. Bad news. Was gonna sneak over to the monument next to the first dam for a few casts. An iron ranger has been installed. Guess the free area isn't free anymore.

    1. Tom Shirley 0
      Grant I live 8 miles from the monument. Have thought about the pass. But I use a float tube instead of boat. Reason I thought about it isn't so much for Jenkinson ...more but for Caples and Silver lake because the pass works up there too. I fish a lot on the highway 88 lakes. Jenkinson just gets so crowded as soon as the weather warms up. Was up there last weekend fishing Red lake and Carson River.
    2. Grant Thomas 0
      Tom, if you're up there enough, you might look into a year pass, I have it for my truck and two boats, If I remember it is like $160 for a vehicle and $125 for ...more the boat, but then it's like $60 for extra vehicles and boats(each)
    3. Tom Shirley 0
      Grant I went and checked the EID website and now there is a $5 walk in fee for Jenkinson. Since Memorial Day is coming up I keep expecting to see something near ...more the second dam since the $5 fee also applies to the bike and walking trails.
    4. Grant Thomas 0
      Tom, I heard that the day parking spots by the gatehouse are still free( that's of course if you're there early enough to get one) and I haven't seen ...more anything up by the second dam.
    5. Tom Shirley 0
      It is an easy way to collect fees. There is a bin with envelopes on the left side (can barely see it in pic). Than you put your name and license plate number on ...more the envelope and put your money in and seal it. Just drop envelope in the slot. The rangers come collect it each night. That just took away my last free fishing spot. At least it is only 5 dollars to park there.
    6. Kenneth Olivo 0
      Yes what is that??lol
    7. Noah Shapiro 0
      Whats an iron ranger?
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  9. Trout on spoon. Fun fight on ultralight gear.

    13 in. Rainbow Trout with a Blue and Chrome Kastaway Spoon

  10. Now that my alpine trout lakes are snowed in for the season, I will be doing my bass fishing. Finally broke down and decided to try some whopper ploppers.

    1. Grant Thomas 0
      Caught a nice smally up at Sly Park last weekend with a Whopper Plopper
    2. Richard Israel 0
      Here at Lake Norman the white plopper is king. My wife out fishes me 3to1 if I try to use anything else.
    3. Robert Coleman 0
      You will not be disappointed! Plopper Power! 💪👍
    4. Tom Shirley 0
      Will do David. Putting away my ultralight and light trout gear and getting the medium heavy spinning reels and baitcast rigged up.
    5. David Moore Jr. 0
      🤔I suggest braid or mono!
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