1. Anyone catching any Walleye or Crappie on Brookville Resevoir? Just looking for an update.

    1. John Heim 0
      Go to Brookville bass fishing on facebook.
  2. My little fishing Boat.

  3. Channel Catfish

    1. Ronald Howell 0
      Couple months ago.
  4. Black Crappie with a Live Minnows

    1. Tim Lankford 0
      I haven't been able to do any good with crappie on Center Hill. Would you feels as if you could help me find them and how to catch them
    2. Ronald Howell 0
      Not cuaght in Center Hill Lake. Caught here in central Florida on Lake Monroe between Seminol and Volusia Counties.
    3. Ronald Howell 0
      Very slow day.But a good couple of dinners. Cole slaw and hush puppies. Cheese Grits to top it off.
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  5. Black Crappie with a live minnows

    1. Ronald Howell 0
      Still having issues getting my pictures posted. Central Florida between Sanford and Enterprise.
    2. Richard Evilsizer 0
      nice catch may i ask where
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  6. Jon I am attempting to share some of my pictures of fishing trips. I have most on facebook. I have the rest on my phone. I also have face book and Fishidy on my ...more phone. Is there something that I am missing? I just cant seem to get them to post on Fishidy.

  7. Fished all day yesterday on the St. Johns River in Seminole County here in Florida between Lake Harney and Lake Jessup. I believe some of that stretch is Volusia ...more county on the west side. Caught 2 Channel Cats, 3 Shellcrackers, 4 Black Crappie(slabs) and 3 bream(yellow bellies). Tough fishing and water is still very low. The water is very clear and has the fish concentrated. Pulled up to a couple of spots and saw Big Catfish (15-20 lb. range) just lying on the bottom. Had one hit and briefly had him hooked before he broke everything off. . Monster category. The fish are still there and well wotyh the trip before it gets too hot.

  8. Cool snap here in Central Florida should get the Crappie cranked back up again. That's the good thing. The reverse of that is the Black Bass that have been bedding ...more on the St. Johns were probably run off of their beds too soon. A warming trend is in store for the weekend and through next week . Hopefully this will allow the bass to continue bedding and finish. Shell Crackers are on fishing with night crawlers. Bream and Bluegill will bite the Crickets. This last full moon would have been wonderful for the two latter species had the weather not cooled down so much. Looking forward to getting out this weekend and trying my luck. Good fishing to all.

  9. Does anyone out there know how to make American Shad rigs for catching Shad in the St Johns river in Florida?


Love to fish. Winter time here in Florida for Black Crappie, Sunshine Bass and Catfish. Largemouth as sport(never keep them). Large Bluegill.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Black Crappie, Sunshine bass and Bluegill.
  • Waterway St. Johns River, Lake Monroe, Lake Harney and Lake Jessup. St Johns river into Volusia County
  • Lure Live bait (Missouri Minnows, Shiners and night crawlers) Troll with assortment of diving broken back Rapala's, Heddon lures and Beetle Spins.

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