1. 2 nd striper of the 4 caught on the 28th.

    10 lb. 1 oz. 30.0 in. Striped Bass

    1. MAC WAGNER 0
      Nice "CATCH"!!!
    2. Mike Morongell 0
      thank you very much. hopefully I get a bit of luck.
    3. Mike Morongell 0
      thank you very much. hopefully I get a bit of luck.
    4. Jerry Dulney 0
      No DR at the Pac. No Dipsy. Weighted line 20' down off planer boarsa
    5. Mike Morongell 0
      he's great he will also share his knowledge
    6. thomas l 0
      unreal, this guy's catches so many stripes, way to go.....
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  2. 4 Stripers landed in the AM. All 4 looked identical. 31" range, 11 #.

    11 lb. 3 oz. 31.0 in. Striped Bass

    1. Mary Brenda 0
      When last you took someone to join you?
    2. Mike Morongell 0
      do you troll live bait like herring on a down rigger or a dipsydiver
    3. Tim Crowley 0
      Any day you can get 4 at the Pack is an awesome day of fishing.
    4. fish on 0
      👍thanks for the info
    5. Jerry Dulney 0
      They will drive you crazy!
      Troll live bait is always the best option.
      Catch your own or buy when available
    6. fish on 0
      I'm intrested and fishing for stripers. Wondering if you give me any pointers on what to use how deep etc. Nice fish. Looks like they're fun to catch
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  3. 12 lb. 6 oz. 31.0 in. Lake Trout

    1. Thanks
    2. Jerry Dulney 0
      Rollers not necessary. Takes 300+ ft. Of copper to get down to bottom at 70'.
      Troll slow 1.5mph
    3. Jerry, what length rod and do I need rollers for the copper line?
    4. Never myself but on charter out of myers, I bought line but spooled braided in stead, I think I will try that. 2-2.5 mph ? bounce a spoon off bottom, Thanks for ...more reply
    5. Jerry Dulney 0
      Ever "pull copper" ? Best way.
      Troll deep at the edges where bottom drops from 70 - 80' to 150 or more.
      Good luck
    6. awesome catch, coming up next week bringing 83 yo dad and my boat staying near aurora lake side. Anyways going to try for lakers hope to get at least a couple for ...more his sake, we fish every week in pa, mainly pan fish etc. Bought new reals w counters n dipsys so going to give it our best,
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  4. added 5 more to the live well. wife and I had a great day

    7 lb. 1 oz. 28.0 in. Lake Trout

  5. 3 lb. 8 oz. 20.0 in. Brown Trout

  6. one of 3 caught, all in the same size range.

    17 lb. 2 oz. 36.0 in. Striped Bass with a live bait

    1. Warren lowe 0
      nice rub it in
  7. 10 lb. 2 oz. 24.0 in. Striped Bass

  8. 8 caught, 5 were in this size range

    10 lb. 2 oz. 29.0 in. Lake Trout

    1. Terry Condon 0
      Hey Jerry! Nice day on the water! I was there yesterday, out of Dean's Cove looking for some bass but got skunked. Glad to see you're enjoying retirement!!
  9. 15 lb. 35 in. Striped Bass

    1. Jonathan Chin 0
      Great looking fish! I wish I knew how to fish for these on Lake W!
    2. Paul Chiccarine 0
      How’s the season been for you. I’m a little slow
    3. Scott Sorrell 0
      Nice one
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