1. one of 3 caught, all in the same size range.

    274.0 36.0 in. Striped Bass with a live bait

    1. Warren lowe 0
      nice rub it in
  2. 8 caught, 5 were in this size range

    162.0 29.0 in. Lake Trout

    1. Terry Condon 0
      Hey Jerry! Nice day on the water! I was there yesterday, out of Dean's Cove looking for some bass but got skunked. Glad to see you're enjoying retirement!!
  3. 15 lb. 35 in. Striped Bass

    1. Jonathan Chin 0
      Great looking fish! I wish I knew how to fish for these on Lake W!
    2. How’s the season been for you. I’m a little slow
    3. Scott Sorrell 0
      Nice one
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  4. Stripers are still hitting on the Hudson

  5. one of 8 caught, 3 this size, others small, all released

    24 lb. 2 oz. 34 in. Striped Bass

    1. Jonathan Chin 0
      Very nice! I was up there on Friday, and caught a bunch of eels, catfish and white perch. My buddy caught two short stripers. We were just south of the Kingston-Rhinecliffe ...more Bridge. We used chunks and worms, but couldn't buy a bite from a large fish. What were you using?
  6. Love the Hudson River. 34", 25lbs.

  7. One Lakw Trout (27") of 6 caught along with 2 Hybrid Stripers.

    1. Bernard Kave 0
      nice catch
    2. Nice day
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  8. one of 8 caught, avg. about 8 lbs.

    1. Wade Bowles 0
      Sweet catch Jerry. Congrats!

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Stripers
  • Waterway Lake Wallenpaupack