1. BIG HOG 8lb4oz got her on the super size Whopper Flopper on Lake Seminole

  2. A newbie to the site and to the area. Looking forward to some great fishing. N

    1. Mike Mcgrothers 0
      LMAO not LMOA.
    2. Mike Mcgrothers 0
      LMOA, bought a used tracker targa 18.5. Put it in the water then went up to marina. Stayed about an hour chatting about fishing. Went back to the boat to find 2' ...more of water in it. Seems I put the plug in the live well drain instead of the haul drain. Well needless to say I didn't get out fishing but I do know where to put the darn plug next time. HAhahahahaha. Such a DUMB A_ _ &@);€¥#%?'
    3. Jacob Anderson 0
      Welcome to Fishidy!
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    5. Drew Gierach 0
      Welcome aboard and tight lines!
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