1. Caught this monster at Coles Creek on my 9ft. Crappie hunter rod and reel with 4lb. test line. Took me 20 minutes to wear it and me out and land.

    8 lb. 24 in. Flathead Catfish with a home made crappie jig Lime green and purple

    1. Jason Emrich 0
      That is a nice Channel Cat! Good fishing and tight lines my friend.
    2. Bernard Gresham 0
      Nice. It's nothing like going fishing. I love to fish and I'm looking for some good places to go fishing at.
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  2. Have the white bass moved in to the shoreline at Carlyle yet? I was told at point 18 were ever that is a few whites are being caught from the shore.

    1. Ray Emerson 0
      The white bass bite has been mixed. I’ve caught them in 6-7 feet on the eroded islands up north and some smaller ones chasing shad on top in the cove by the cottages ...more near shore. Even a few of the boat dock chasing shad.
  3. Anyone catching any white Bass near the shore at Coles Creek or Boulder area?

  4. 11 oz. 11 in. White Crappie with a tube jig

  5. Golden phase Black Crappie

    9 in. Black Crappie with a Tube jig

    1. vickter Villa 0
      huh. lol
    2. Robert Coleman 0
      Never heard of such a thing. Cool!
    3. Noah Shapiro 0
      I don't think I have seen anything like that.
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  6. caught my first crappie of this year...Today!

  7. Been fishing for Crappie the last couple of weeks from the fishing dock and the crappie have not moved back in to the shallows yet. Although I hear that a few guys ...more are catching them in 3 to 4 ft. of water from their boat in the east end of the lake.

  8. anybody been fishing with the polar artic air that moved in this week? I would like to know where I can fish from the bank with no rocks or rip rap as I have issues ...more with balance with my disability. I want to catch a nice mess of Crappie. I am hungry for some fresh fish to eat. I have not caught a crappie in over 2 weeks at Raccoon lake.

    1. Ronald Sanders 0
      White bass starting to move into shoreline around lake, so I am told
    2. Phil Edwards 0
      Any White Bass reports from the spillway or lake?
    3. Bob Quick 0
      Your welcome depth is relative. Look for a deep spot(channel swings, by dam etc..). Tight lines Ronald!
    4. Ronald Sanders 0
      Thanks Bob Quick for the tip. where I fish is only 8 ft deep and they have not been there for over two weeks.
    5. Bob Quick 0
      Bank fishing will be real tough! Everywhere I have been they have moved off to at least 12ft of water.
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  9. May everybody have a fun and safe Christmas Holiday. I have asked Santa for a new 16 ft. Jon Boat with trailer and 20hp Mercury 4 stroke. Bet I only get switches ...more and a lump of coal.

    Merry Christmas to all my followers. HO HO HO!

  10. Fished for crappie the last two days and not a hit. I have changed Tube Jig colors to at least 40 different colors and combinations. I even tried my hair jigs and ...more nothing. Guess It is time to hang up the fishing pole at least for today.


love to fish, day or night, hot or cold, rain or shine. Looking for 70 yr. old or older men for fishing buddies and to fool around with: they ...more know where the hot spots are at. Love to fish Carlyle Lake in Illinois at Coles Creek and Boulder areas and Raccoon Lake and Lake Centralia, in Centralia, Illinois. I mainly fish for Crappie, White Bass and large Catfish.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Crappie 1 3/4 lb. 16 inches long.
  • Waterway Raccoon Lake, Centralia, Illinois 62801
  • Lure Hot Pink 1/16 oz. Jig with Black, Orange and Chartruse with black flakes Tube Jig Body