1. Very windy day and they were biting. I also caught a 19-inch Saugeye.

    Saugeye with a Rubber swim bait and minnow

    1. Jared Troyer 0
      Nice fish Tim!
  2. It seems like when it is windy at Atwood, the Saugeyes start really biting. I caught this 22.75 Saugeye on a rubber swim bait tipped with a minnow. I caught it in ...more about 10 feet of water near the boat swimming area. A nice Fish Ohio size fish!

  3. I went fishing at Atwood with my Amish fishing buddy on Wednesday April, 24. It was great to get out again. We caught a mess of big crappie. I got one keeper Saugeye ...more but my phone was on the fritz and I couldn't get a photo. Here is a photo of it later with beer batter! :-) I also found a bunch of Gray Morels so supper was awesome! I love this time of year.

  4. I super fortunate that my wife loves to fish. We had a super relaxing day at Atwood Lake trolling for Saugeyes. We caught 6 or 7, but they were all just undersized. ...more We also caught a couple of large white bass. They were chasing shad in a school and boiling all around our boat. I love when she says, "Will you please take me fishing?"

    1. Nothing like a permanent fishing partner.
  5. Bluegill, Crappie and Perch - Just right for the BBQ

    White Crappie with a Jig and minnow

    1. Tim Troyer 0
      Thanks, Barry
    2. jake marmet 0
      super enjoy
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I am an outdoorsman. I love to fish and hunt. I am from Sugarcreek, Ohio. I am also a custom knife maker and have been making all kinds of different ...more knives for about 20 years. I love to fish Atwood Lake and other local water. I get up to Lake Erie sometimes and deep sea fish when I am on vacation.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Saugeye, Walleye, Pan Fish
  • Waterway Atwood, Piedmont, Lake Erie
  • Lure Flicker Shad, twister tail with spinner and live bait.

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