1. Largemouth from the Angelina River Yesterday! Becoming one of my new favorite fisheries it's a lot of fun out here!!

    1. ronald duprey
      nice fish way to go
    2. Marty James
      Now, if that catch could only smile like you....~~~~~~~
    3. Jared Fredricks
      Great fish
    4. Shawn Gearinger
      Great catch! Is this below the dam at Rayburn?
    5. cody laird
      What divisions???
    6. Aurelio Martinez
      Keep on fishing do not ever stop........u are a fish killer u daughter loves the fish u catch.....................
    7. Emily Hamilton
      Yes!! @cody laird
    8. cody laird
      you fish high school bass fishing???
    9. Aurelio Martinez
      nice bass.............
    10. Derek Herring
      BTW I see you are using a Creme ST Craw......Go Team Creme!!
    11. Derek Herring
      Way to go Emily!!
    12. kenny thompson
      Nice bass Emily!!!
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  2. So i have 8 lb mono on my two finese rods but am going to switch should i go with 8 lb fluoro or 10 lb braid with a 8 lb fluoro leader. I will be using them for ...more dropshot, wacky rig, and shaky head.

    1. Sasha Tuttle
      The cool thing about floro is you can go a couple pounds up from mono cause the fish can't see it and there are better options then braid for this application ...more check out gliss or nanofil lines personally I just use straight floro I feel it's less of a headache and I feel just fine with a medium light spinning rod
    2. Tyler Curry
      Braid with flouro leader. Tie and fg knot. If you tie an fg knot connecting the braid and flouro your line will break before the knot will. This knot is extremely ...more strong and extremely small. Check out "salt strong "on YouTube on how to tie this knot. Using braid is so much easier to use than flouro. Straight flouro tends to twist and knot up very easily. Braid is also much more abrasion resistance. Unless you are fishing super clear water then braid is the way to go.
    3. Jared Berkovsky
      Thanks Derek and Emily. I was thinking the same thing about leaders derek.
    4. Derek Herring
      Fluoro for my finesse rigs. In don't believe in leaders as they give you a weak link that will fail at the worst times.
    5. Emily Hamilton
      I would use flouro! A lot of Braid sinks and when I'm using a wacky I like the line on top
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  3. My 3 year old getting Tail flipped by her white bass!

    White Bass with a jig

    1. David Moore Jr.
      This pic is a WINNER!!!
    2. Drew Gierach
      Nothing but smiles. Great moment captured right there!
    3. Emily Hamilton
      She is adorable!!!
    4. Morris Campbell
      That is a great pic!!!
    5. kenny thompson
      Awesome pic!!!
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  4. What type/pound test line would everyone recommend for a frog/jig rod? I'm going to purchase a St. Croix Avid medium heavy fast action rod paired with a 7.1:1 ...more Abu Garcia Revo SX. I mostly fish clear water lakes so I thought that heavy mono would be a better choice than braid, but I don't know how well mono would handle a heavy hookset on a frog. Thoughts anyone?

    1. Jacob Anderson
      Thanks for the input everyone! I thought about using a leader of mono for jigs, but I wasn't sure if there was a good line to line knot that wouldn't tear ...more up the eyes of my rod or reduce my casting distance. I've also seen videos of guys using heavy mono for frogging and I thought it might be worth a shot, but I will agree that braid is the best choice for that type of fishing.
    2. Tyler Curry
      If you want a rod that can do both then I would use braid. When froggin use straight braid and when flipping I would tie a 10 foot leader with 20 lb flouro. Make ...more sure you use an fg knot and you'll be fine. The fg knot will be just as strong if not stronger than the line itself.
    3. Derek Herring
      That sir is a tough question. I change line types for these rigs based on the water conditions. If you are only fishing one lake or body of water were the water ...more is stable then you can have only one. If the water is clear or has 3+ feet of visibility I will be using Fluoro and if it is less than 3 feet of visibility I'll go with braid. However lately I've been pretty much been like a lot of Pros and going to Fluoro for just about all conditions.
    4. Emily Hamilton
      I frog and flip with 50LB braid. To make sure I can wench the fish out and not worry about them breaking off!
    5. Todd Stevens
      30-65 lb power pro braid. Braid has no stretch so you could get good hooksets and feel the bottom. The thicker the cover the heavier the line. In clear water use ...more a fluoro leader. I like using a 7'1" Med Heavy Fast for jigs and a 7'4" Heavy Fast for frogs and flipping. The St Croix Mojo Slop-N-Frog/ Swim Jig Should work well
    6. Jared Berkovsky
      I would go with 50 lb power pro because i have heard with 65 pound you cant cast it at far. Make sure you get it in moss green color because it is almost black.
    7. Jon Reznack
      65 pound power pro for sure. Then when you switch to jigs... then you tie on a 15 to 25 pound fluoro leader.
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  5. Awesome catch today!!! First Striped Bass ever in the Angelina River!!

    1. Shawn Gearinger
      Great catch Emily!
    2. Aurelio Martinez
      never been much for freshwater but nice fish.........
    3. Emily Hamilton
      We didn't think there were either! Confirmed by head of the fishery down here! He said a few must have come from another body of water linked to the neches or ...more Angelina during flooding!!
    4. Derek Herring
      Wow, didn't know there were any of those guys left in the Angelina. Congrats
    5. kenny thompson
      Very nice!!
    6. Morris Campbell
      Nice fish.. Great pic!!!
    7. Drew Gierach
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  7. Details: 2 lb. 5 oz. Striped Bass with a Pop-R

    Exciting fight!!

    1. Shawn Gearinger


16 year old high school female angler

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