1. from shore, catch and release

    perch with a worm

  2. from shore, catch and release

    perch with a worm

  3. my daughter caught this cat from the boat dock

    catfish with a worm

  4. my daughter caught this cat from shore

    Yellow Bullhead Catfish with a worm

  5. Us girls had our birthday camping/fishing trip at the lake of the ozarks state park this weekend. We didn't camp at our usual (favorite) spot. The only thing ...more I caught was some good sized carp. But released them. I won't keep what I won't eat. And carp is on the top of the very small list of fish I won't bother eating. I was really wanting to get at least a good size catfish to stuff with a little butter, fresh garlic with wedges of lemon, wrap it in tinfoil and put it on the fire pit. Oh well next fishing trip next weekend.
    I think due to the amout of rain, winds that caused the water levels to rise and so much debris in the lake (branches, trees etc) . Let's not forget the trash people leave everywhere that ends up in the water. Grrrrrrrrrr.
    But, at least we all got to go camping and fishing and that's all that matters. I just wish that place was closer, us girls would be there fishing every day ;)

  6. Always great fishing at Lake of the Ozark state park, missouri

    Channel Catfish with a worms

    1. Thank you J Kay Hall, I've taught her to bait her own hooks, she's amazing at castING her lines, she's now removing hooks and stringers out all by herself. ...more She absolutely loves to go fishing as much as I do. And it keeps her away from being boy crazy for a little while longer (evil grin). All she wants to do for her birthday this weekend is to go fishing and camping. Yep, parenting done right :)
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      Love seeing a happy girl ! Way to go.
    3. Thank you.
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  7. Lake of the ozark state park missouri from shore :)
    Always great fishing for cat, perch and bass. My daughter is hooked on fishing because she always catches ...more something. And she'd go fishing every day if we allowed her.
    Another great aspect for the lake of the ozark state park missouri, campsites within a few steps from your tents. So far this is our favorite spot.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species catfish, bass, but really want to catch a paddlefish one day.
  • Waterway lake of the ozarks state park. haha tanka state park missouri