1. Headed to Port Mansfield For a week of fishing. Trout and Reds and Flounder Hopefully, Anybody have any advice.

  2. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Tequila Sunrise Texas rigged Plastic Worm

    Caught 15 in two days, casting right up to rocks and working slow all the way back to boat, some up shallow, some down at 14 feet

  3. Fishing Slowed down this weekend on Lake Brantley, NM
    Instead of catching 60 Bass we caught 25 (all 18-20 inch) wade fishing with assorted soft plastics, Texas ...more rigged. But Saturday night the white bass were schooling so close to the bank I caught 15 on 22 casts with one almost 3 pounds. Sorry no pics, didn't have a camera in the water with me. The water level is fluctuating at this time as well down 10 feet, up 4, up 2, all in the matter of 10 days.

  4. 28 in. Red Drum with a Live Shrimp

  5. 28 in. Red Drum with a Live Shrimp

  6. 28 in. Red Drum with a Live Shrimp

    1. Marcella Martin 0
      Last weekend the fishing was horrible! One week late!
  7. More Cedar Creek Lake, Hauls from the past

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    2. Chris Gagnon 0
      every ware you go you catch fish good job
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  8. Cedar Creek Lake, Hauls from the past.

  9. Headed to Port Aranasas Texas next week. Looking to wade fish near Shamrock Lake or in the Surf. Any Recommendations.

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      Thanks for the tip
    2. Dillon Juarez 0
      This time of year there should be plenty of fish off the jetties I always fish off the pier right in town or by the north jetty
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  10. Spanish Mackerel with a Topwater

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  • Species Largemouth, White and Hybrid Bass, Speckeled Trout, Redfish, Black Drum