1. I'm New to fishing Norris and for Stripers.. any good advice? Water Temps they perfer?, fishing methods?, etc?

    1. Marty Murray 0
      I'm also looking for info. Somewhat new to striper fishing & still looking for the big one. In winter, folks around here seem to troll with shad or bluegill ...more using planer boards or just normal trolling with long lines. You can also follow schools of shad and cast topwater/poppers or white bucktail jigs into/over the schools when they are in feeding frenzies. Look for gulls to find shad locations. Feeding frenzies will be there one minute and gone the next. Fish finders can also help. I've heard different stories on where to locate them in the winter... headwaters vs closer towards the dam. I believe closer to dam areas hold more striper, but you will find the shad in warmer areas and coves, so a little confusing to me. I've caught smaller ones using jigs & various crankbaits and jerkbaits, just not the big one yet. I've personally tried occasional trolling, but no luck. In the summer, you definitely need to be deep. In mid-summer most are trolling at 40' (or just above thermocline) with downriggers and again using shad or bluegill. One buddy on Fishidy tightlines bluegill to the bottom off his dock.