1. Spinner with a minnow bouncing it off the bottom

  2. Caught this one at day break on a spinner with minnow on the hook

  3. 12 lb. 6 oz. 29 in. Channel Catfish with a Pink fuzzy jig

  4. Caught this bad boy March 17 at about ten o'clock at night.. Pink fuzzy jig..he he what a rush! 13lbs
    West side of prospect lake

  5. Details: 34 lb. 44 in. Grass Carp with a Dare devil

    Couldn't believe it

    1. Austin Sivesind 0
      Thanks but I'll have to say it was luck
    2. Heath DSantos 0
      Wow a Daredevil? Who would of thought eh!! Good job !!
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  6. 18 inch trout today at four in the afternoon. Used a brown fly

    1. Austin Sivesind 0
      Prospect lake off the north west dock
  7. Last weekend at prospect lake I caught a couple nice trout in the morning off a jig head/spinner with weed guard 20" from a floater.. Evening time it was on ...more with power bait eggs (red.)