1. Caught in Ohio river backwater

    Largemouth Bass with a black roadrunner curlytail

  2. Caught in Ohio river backwater

    Freshwater Drum with a black curlytail roadrunner

  3. Caught in Ohio river backwater

    Black Crappie with a black roadrunner curlytail

  4. Caught in Ohio river backwater

    Black Crappie with a black roadrunner curlytail

  5. Caught in Ohio river backwater

    Spotted Bass with a black roadrunner curlytail

  6. First fish of the year. Fish completely stoped biting when the sun went behind the clouds

    White Crappie with a crappie magnet

  7. Details: Whiting

    Decent whiting caught on my last day at myrtle beach 2016. Didn't find the school of blues or pompano like I wanted to but still had a great week.

  8. Details: Spotted (Speckled) Trout

    A nice spotted trout in the myrtle beach surf. Would like to get something bigger but I won't complain! Any tips for catching bigger / different fish?

    1. Wallard 0
      No problem!
    2. Jesse Webb 0
      I'll pick some up and give it a shot. Thanks man! @taylorG
    3. Taylor Glover 0
      sounds crazy to use bass lures...but it works for me! confidence bait
    4. Jesse Webb 0
      Hmm ok. Thanks. I use those at home on the river. I'll give it a try. Also bought some spoons to try @taylorG
    5. Taylor Glover 0
      @jman559 storm wild eye swim shad....i caught nice fish on those this year in the gulf
    6. Jesse Webb 0
      @taylorG can you reccomend a good swimbait for surf fishing? I would assume something looking like mullet since that's what they are feeding on.
    7. Jesse Webb 0
      Oh. I see it now. Thanks guys @wallard @JustFish
    8. Just Fish 0
      @jman559 compare the tails from this blert and your other bluefish and you will see the difference
    9. Jesse Webb 0
      I've tried swim baits and plugs with no success @taylorg
    10. Jesse Webb 0
    11. Jesse Webb 0
      It had the 2 teeth on the top of its mouth, I thought that meant it was a blue?
    12. Taylor Glover 0
      throw a swimbait
    13. Wallard 0
      That looks like a speckled trout. Not a blue fish @jman559
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  9. Same as previous blert. Don't know what it is. Help please

    1. Thomas Gibbons 0
    2. Matthew32505 0
      Blue fish
    3. Jesse Webb 0
      Thanks @SCfishinfever @ea120454
    4. B W 0
      Definitely a blue fish
    5. easton Armstrong 0
      Blue fish?
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  10. Caught this earlier surf fishing. Unsure what it is. Any guesses?

    1. Jesse Webb 0
      Thanks @lhp9
    2. Lucas Pennington 0
      Blue fish
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