1. Happy New Years, some of my catches of 2019, cant wait to see what 2020 brings me!!

  2. My PB of the year!! Happy new years fishing fam! Lets get it 2020🎣

  3. still getting them in December, I have a video up on my YouTube at Jnettesbassin and crush the subscribe button 🎣 tight lines

  4. december fishing in SoCal 🎣🎣

  5. Lake Perris in december

  6. Lake perris in december

  7. Got out on Perris and got on em in December 🎣 tight lines

  8. first fluke fish! This was a pretty neat hit in clear water!... come subscribe my youtube channel yall Jnettesbassin

  9. been fishing lake perris a few times get skunked! Well came with a strategy and bam I was on them 25+ 🎣🎣 too stoked

    32.0 16.0 in. Largemouth Bass with a Gary Yamamoto Original Senko Worms

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      theres a video on my youtube if you all wanna check it out Jnettesbassin and give me some subscribers 🎣 fish on
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      Nice one
    3. Nice catch jnettesπŸ‘πŸ»
    4. Debbie F 0
      Nice catch! πŸ‘
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  10. anyone from temecula, CA area know where all the good spots are, im headed that way!?

    1. jnettes bassin 0
      bango so I hit up DVL like 2weeks ago, I was shore fishing! anyways no catches, I did find some holding on bait but I couldnt get to them!! It was hot as hell out ...more there anyways went back to my car and talked with a guy and was pretty much like your crazy walking around because of the rattlesnakes, I know I seen signs but didnt think it was like that serious. even the cashier lady was like your shore fishing πŸ‘€ and didnt think of it! anyways after talking to that guy it scared me so I left! I have a kayak just didnt have it that day! I have been fishing lake perris lately, in the yak, nothing the first couple times, hench trying to figure out the lake also! I went yesterday, I had a plan and strategy when I went, and bam cought 25+ fish! they are starting to school up for fall and chasing bait fish! so happy! but thanks for the advice I need it all as again im new to cali fishing 🎣🎣 fish on
    2. jnettes bassin 0
      ok I just got done at lake perris, nothing, I got there a little later at 8 so didnt have much time, tons of bait fish but didnt see and big ones but also alot of ...more boatersπŸ™„....DVL is next on my bucket list looks a little better fish anyway! I might look into a guide if I cant hook up with fish! thanks for the info I appreciate it alot ,as im used to SMALL lakes and catch em all day on shore πŸ˜‰πŸŽ£πŸŽ£
    3. bango 0
      Most of the reservoirs in that area are productive. DVL is nice since there is no body contact so you don't need to fight against pleasure boaters in the summer/fall. ...more I suggest getting a guide if you can since they can get you dialed in on a body of water very quickly. Todd Kline is great, Rusty Brown or Mark Franco.
    4. jnettes bassin 0
      thank you, I will hit up dvl eventually 🎣🎣🎣
    5. bango 0
      Most of DVL is productive but what you fish will dictate where to fish. I will be out there Thursday. I would look deeper between 15-30' but you can find them ...more shallower or on top early. Good luck!
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