1. My lil fishy 🎣🐟 80's mild wind had a blast!!!

    Largemouth Bass

    1. kjack707 0
      we miss your post.. 😁
  2. me and my baby girl went to the bluegill pond and caught a bunch of fish 🎣🐟 had a good time just me and her 👑👑

    Bluegill Sunfish

  3. Smallest fish of the day "still cute tho" 🐟 I've never had so many bass try to bite me hahaha it was cute. These fish were mad today haha

    Largemouth Bass

    1. kjack707 0
      @Fishing_bombshell when you gonna start fishing again??
    2. kjack707 0
      @Fishing_bombshell Cute pic 😊 i gotta get back to bass fishing havent gone in awhile!
    3. fishing_princess . 0
      Hahahahahahaha @celtron that's hilarious!!! I just almost peed lmao
    4. Celtron Ca 0
      What were you doing using lady fingers for bait?
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  4. My hubby wrestled this big guy in and let me take a picture cuz he felt bad I wasn't catching anything lol 🎣🐟 he's so sweet💙

    Largemouth Bass

  5. Went to the bass pond and nothing was biting so we went over to the bluegill pond and we all started catching em left and right! Very cloudy and hot day 🌥☁️🎣🐟

    Warmouth Sunfish

  6. I wanted to try one of these and it worked!! Choppy water not many catches accept for seaweed

    Largemouth Bass

    1. fishing_princess . 0
      Horrible @wyldechylde77 like I need a new bass pond that's only 5 minutes away
    2. fishing_princess . 0
      Not in this pic but my other one
    3. Chuck LaBruna 0
      Ah, weeds gettin that bad huh? I hear ya. Got some spots in the harbors here that are gettin quite choked as well
    4. fishing_princess . 0
    5. fishing_princess . 0
      I had a weedless on :/
    6. Chuck LaBruna 0
      wtf this app. Such a long-standing bug with this cutting off typing. Seedless was supposed to be weedless
    7. Chuck LaBruna 0
      Yeah, it's the time of year for the weed growth. I've got a few spots that are already becoming tough or off limits due to weeds. Of course, seedless lures ...more can do wonders, depending or course
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  7. Had a wonderful day of ☀️ sun and fishing 🎣 and spending time with my husband we got a little burnt but it was worth it 🐟🐟 I still say I caught the biggest fish ...more ;)

    Largemouth Bass

    1. fishing_princess . 0
      Congratulations @celtron that's amazing!!!
    2. Celtron Ca 0
      We are in our 35th year of marriage. That should just about cover it! 💍
    3. fishing_princess . 0
      Aww :( poor @celtron hopefully she likes to do other fun stuff! I'd rather fish than damn near anything else thank god my husband does too or else I wouldn't ...more know how to bond
    4. Celtron Ca 0
      Dating your husband is okay. I knew he was by the way. I'm a little jealous that my wife has decided she doesn't enjoy fishing. I miss that time we shared.
    5. fishing_princess . 0
      He's my husband lol we fish daily @celtron
    6. Celtron Ca 0
      Did you take the whole family or was this a date fishing trip? Either way is beats yard work!
    7. DaPikeKilla 0
      Nice ummmm...... Fish ya nice fish
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Fishing Favorites

  • Species largemouth bass, bluegill/sunfish, I've never really gotten to experience a the excitement of a fight with a fish :(
  • Lure night crawlers, worms