1. Details: Black Crappie

    First crappie on the 5-weight and a beautiful one at that. Caught fishing a group of three submerged trees while bumping the fly on the bottom. Probably around 13 ...more inches.

    1. Sean Wilms 0
      Been a while since I've seen you post, nice slab
    2. Collin Gay 0
      @TennesseeTroutboy I'd definitely recommend it.
    3. King_Fisher 0
      Nic fish! My dad has that same setup it's a great rod and reel!
    4. TennesseeTroutboy 0
      I was thinking about getting a 8wt for streamers
    5. Collin Gay 0
      @TennesseeTroutboy absolutely love it. Affordable and versatile for most freshwater fish
    6. TennesseeTroutboy 0
      How do you like the encounter
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  2. Details: Spotted (Speckled) Trout

    Hooked this beautiful 24" trout a couple weeks ago off the pier of an RV park that my cousin has access to. Caught around 10:00 pm on high tide and fought like ...more a tank on my ML St Croix rod. Ended up with 6 keepers with this fish being the biggest by far.

  3. Details: Red (redfish) Drum

    Chasing bait in the west bay marsh was a success. We waded through grass that was partially submerged in less than 2 FOW and ended up with a mixed bag of reds and ...more flounder. This fish was 18" and fought like a freight train on my 7' ML. Ready to get them again tomorrow morning.

  4. Details: Spotted (Speckled) Trout

    3 keepers while fishing the lights last night. Caught around 25 fish with a mixture of trout and rat reds. Burning the bait through the lights yielded the best results. ...more Lots of fun from the kayak!

    1. Collin Gay 0
      @AllWaterLife Yes. You should be fine
    2. AllWaterLife 0
      Nice fish man. Can you launch from that neighborhood without trouble from the law?
    3. Angler09 0
      He said he was using a 3" storm swim bait I. The description @jacob_turbo
    4. jacob_turbo 0
      What bait were you using
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  5. Details: Bowfin

    Tossing the frog in heavy cover around 3:00 was producing. Hooked 6 bass ranging from 2-4.5 pounds and this 5 pound bowfin. He hit like a train and put up an incredible ...more fight in the lily pads.

  6. Details: Hybrid Striped Bass with a 9" Skirted Sassy Shad

    The spawn has finally arrived, and so have the big females. This fish went 41.5" and just over 35 pounds. Hooked up in about 80 FOW but the bait was suspended ...more around 20 FOW.

    1. Fishingisgreat 0
      What do you use as bait
    2. Tim Knecht 0
      Great catch!! I've been seeing some bigguns ever since the season opened up. Hope to get out and hook into a few myself.
    3. RyanEllis 0
      Nice on Collin
    4. BigBuckMD 0
      Sweet fish. Congrats
    5. Collin Gay 0
      @tripnip9 nope. Might have just had some debris on the line lol
    6. Seth McDowell 0
      Looks like another hookup behind you too lol
    7. Sean Wilms 0
    8. King_Fisher 0
      Great fish!
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  7. Details: Hybrid Striped Bass with a Skirted Chartreuse Sassy Shad

    41.5" striper caught trolling the sassy shad in 75 FOW. Hadn't had any luck all day but he nailed it around 1:00. Fought him for nearly 5 minutes before ...more we got him in the net. Water temp. was 52* and air temp. was around 70*. This fish easily doubles my previous PB which was around 22" and 10 lbs.

    1. Tim Knecht 0
      That's a beaut!!
    2. smallmouthky 0
      Nice fish
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  8. Details: Hybrid Striped Bass with a Tandem rigged bucktail jigs w/ mister twister trailer.

    Doubled up on two schoolie stripers on the bucktails. Measured 20" and 18"

  9. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Heddon Zara Spook

    A little throwback to early spring and the topwater bite. Caught this solid 3 pounder on the edge of the lily pads walking the dog nice and slow back to me. He choked ...more it right at my feet and even peeled a little drag.

  10. Details: Other Freshwater with a Crankbait

    Although this isn't fishing I thought I should share this pic. I was hunting on the last day of waterfowl season in MD and shot this goose with a crankbait attached ...more to its leg. Thought it was a band at first when he came into the decoys. His leg was all infected from the hook and line wrapped around him. This goes to show the negative effects of casting at waterfowl while fishing.

    1. big_bass 0
      And let it fly away. I have also seen this guy I know from a local lake have an osprey swoop down and grab a slide swimmer 250. His YouTube is Forumsquad9 I believe ...more so you can go check it out there.
    2. big_bass 0
      @SeanCochran ya it is but sometimes it's an accident. I have hooked a hawk before on a huddleston swimbait, but there was no way to stop it because it tried ...more to eat it. Luckily I was able to unhook it.
    3. Sean Cochran 0
      thts a good lure its a cotton cordell big o and thts stupid your fishin for fish not birds people shouldn't do that @CollinGay
    4. Isaac Carey 0
      Stupid people, well at least it's not in pain anymore and you've got dinner and a free crankbait!!
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