1. 1000 saros reel and 7' med light rod, and 15# Fluro leader ended up hooking up to a second Snook

    Fat Snook

  2. Peacock bass on live shad on a size 2 hook and 12# fluorocarbon leader on a 7' smoke inshore rod and 25 smoke reel.

    Butterfly Peacock Bass

    1. aguilar
    2. MAC44
      Wow look at that hammer on that things head! Damnnnnn!!!
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  3. Bowfin with a cut buffalo

    1. that looks like where I kayak. You up near Ponderosa Marina?
  4. Another blue cat

    Blue Catfish with a cut buffalo

    1. Swamp Mafia
      2-4 foot of water, either near structure or on flats
    2. james greeson
      What's a good depth to look in at this time of the year.
    3. Swamp Mafia
      I fish the north side and the river most
    4. John Fitch
      Awesome what part of Lake Houston are you on?
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  5. Blue Catfish with a cut buffalo

    1. james greeson
  6. 46 in. Red Drum with a whiting

    1. Noah Shapiro
    2. Melissa Norris
      great red! 😀
    3. Jimbo Harwood
      damn giant!
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  7. 5 flatheads, a bunch of blues, and a few channels. Live sunfish a few feet under jugs hooked with mustad 11/0 circle hooks just behind the dorsal fin and above the ...more spine. Near steep banks and under cut banks as well as structure were the best places to find them. Water from 3-9 feet produced the best and most fish.

    Flathead Catfish

    1. Dwayne Taff
      very nice brother
    2. ReelGame Saucedo
    3. Dd Pp
      The full moon have the cats feeding ?@SwampMafia
    4. Dd Pp
      The full
    5. Dd Pp
      Dang!! Wtg
    6. jcwilli123
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  8. Working structure on the main channels payed off with some nice cats last night. 4-8 foot of water produced the best. 60/40 mix of blues and channels, no flatheads. ...more This was the biggest of the night, although we had a 3 others that were "throw backs" because they were too big to keep(10+lbs) 11/0 mustad circle hooks 2-2.5 foot below a jug

    Blue Catfish

    1. michael michael
      Nice one!
    2. EthanKitter99
      That things huge!!!
    3. King_Fisher
      Yeah buddy!
    4. marshallb116
      that's a hoss @SwampMafia
    5. Dd Pp
      Beautiful Beast
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  9. First "big" flathead of the year. This one was caught in 6 FOW on a steep bank with lots of structure. Water is up a little and a slow current. The sky ...more was overcast, windy, temps in the low 60's. The live sunfish was 2' under a jug, hooked just behind the dorsal fin and above the spine with a 11/0 mustad circle hook.

    Flathead Catfish

    1. bruton9
      Judging by the pic I'd say 60 or 70, but regardless it's a friggin tank, nice job man
    2. Swamp Mafia
      @bruton9 I did not get a length, just photo and released.
    3. bruton9
      *guestimate length
    4. bruton9
      Lol wow auto spell
    5. bruton9
      Did u get a length? Or at least a fiesta ate length?
    6. Swamp Mafia
      @bruton9 I did not weigh it, what's your weight estimation?
    7. bruton9
      Nicely done.....weight?
    8. Swamp Mafia
      @catfishkid i would be happy to share. I have never jugged the Guad, but it sounds fun. I'm sure I can find some fish in there.
    9. catfishkid
      We need to trade fishing trips ;) come jug these back water Guadalupe see what's hiding deep in the private property banks
    10. ThomasOwen7
      You love catching your catfish!!
    11. Capt_Jack
    12. Awesome nothing like the addiction of a hook set !
    13. Glen Barton
      Sweet!! Still looking for a big flathead like this one.
    14. Reel_Smooth
    15. Swamp Mafia
      @Esgar272 sunfish for bait
    16. Esgar Montalvo
      Bats? For bait?
    17. Swamp Mafia
      @glen007 get after them! Big live bats are working.
    18. Swamp Mafia
      @MagicYaker I gotta get my big fish fix somehow.
    19. Glen Barton
      Looks like I'll be going jugging soon.
    20. Back it it again with the huge cats!
    21. Ken
      Good looking fish
    22. Swamp Mafia
      @ddhtown it sure is. @jeffreybravo_sj thanks.
    23. jeffreybravo_sj
      One word WOW!!! Totally astonished, nice fish
    24. Dd Pp
      Thats even more challenging.
    25. Swamp Mafia
      @ddhtwn I catch them from my kayak when I go.
    26. Dd Pp
      Take me with you. Lol. I always dream of catching big cats.
    27. Swamp Mafia
      @ddhtown I jug for them more than R&R but I do R&R fish for them.
    28. Swamp Mafia
      @reelgame it was a good fish.
    29. Swamp Mafia
      @King_Fisher @randall22_ I have caught a few this size, some bigger. Lake Houston has some good cats.
    30. Dd Pp
      Do you only run jugs for cats or r&r fish for them too. I would love to catch a flattie and big blie. Love cats
    31. Swamp Mafia
      @TennesseeTroutboy at least a small child eater. @MulletHead it was a fun fish.
    32. Swamp Mafia
      @bigcatch0516 that fish is not "small" even by my standards.
    33. Swamp Mafia
      @paul_376 I do like big cats. @seaturtles thanks
    34. Swamp Mafia
      @ddhtwn thanks @Slightchop I'm not sure
    35. ReelGame Saucedo
      Whoa one huge Flathead
    36. randall22_
      Had no idea there was flatheads that big in lake houston!
    37. King_Fisher
      That's a true monster!
    38. Gabe Mitchell
    39. TennesseeTroutboy
      That's a man eater
    40. bigcatch0516
      That is small the fish is just closer to the camera
    41. Sean Wilms
    42. Paul
      Classic @SwampMafia !
    43. michael michael
      What it weigh
    44. Dd Pp
      Wow! Awesome flattie. Congrats😀
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  10. Nice blue cat caught up in the shallow back water, in 2-3 FOW. Live sunfish was on a 11/0 mustad circle hook 2' under a jug. Overcast, windy, temps in the mid-low ...more 60's.

    Blue Catfish

    1. Swamp Mafia
      @Slightchop around 20
    2. michael michael
      Nice one what he weight?
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