1. Fought the hurricane! Felt like a Russian stripper; got pissed on for 90 minutes but the rain subsided. Got a 3.5 lb LMB, a crappie, and this 6.5 lb tank!

  2. Six point five pounda.

    1. was in 15 ft of water floating herring. still nabbed a few weeds. but such is expected on a Saturday night after a heavy traffic weekend.
    2. nice one
    3. How's the weeds
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  3. 7, 6.5, and 3lb hybrid plus a crappie. Decent night during the dog days of summer.

  4. Fatty in the Cove. 7 lbs

    1. surprisingly not bad. more annoying was the pontoon blasting music til 1am, but thats what you get venturing into BC.
    2. How are the weeds
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  5. 3 walleye and thiz 9 lb beast. Fish of the year so far. 3 tarpon like jumps and made me do a 180 around the boat to land him.

    1. NJS ask Chris about the one i caught in shallow water they have no place to go but up
    2. NJ Squatch 0
      If they jumped like smallies they would be hands down the best pound for pound best fresh water fish
    3. yea every once in a while it happens. more barrel rolls or summersault type action than shark week or tarpon type air, but super fun nonetheless to see and hear ...more all the splashing.
    4. NJ Squatch 0
      Wow never had them jump out of the water in me.
    5. Now that's awesome
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  6. 8 lbs for the 8th of July. Persistence pays off. 4 walleye as well including 2 that were 5+ lbs.

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  7. Did the Salmon Upstream Run last night, against all those drunk assholes watching fireworks from the boat. Always fun going the opposite direction of hundreds of ...more boats. Couple chunker walleye, a small hybrid and a few LMB.

    1. Get em Bro
    2. NJ Squatch 0
      Your a maniac. Fishing during the fireworks.
    3. Oh yea, also had a couple decent fish get off, including one where the bomber ended up stuck on my hat!
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  8. 6 lb walleye. But unfortunately, as they used to say at high school parties, I think the shit is kicked. Two nights in a row of mediocre activity. Been a tremendous ...more year though. Great weather and good fishing. 300 days or so til next year.

    1. Leave my fish alone. LOL
  9. 8 lb walleye, a couple hybrid, and a few pesky LMB

    1. April through early July I just throw bombers. Occasionally if I snag a herring on the bomber Ill throw it on a slip bobber. Mid July I'll start with the herring ...more as top water dies down. August through October/November 3-4 lines with herring. Will occasionally mess around with chicken liver too mid July and August. Good for both hybrids and obviously channel cats.
    2. Matt Teeter 0
      you fishing herring at night?
    3. Nice one Greg They are getting fatter
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