1. Nice walleye. Couple others on the small side. Mediocre fishing this year though, at least so far.

    4 lb. Walleye

    1. It doesnt usually get better after this time of year unfortunately
    2. Radioactive! Lol👍👍👍👍
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  2. 8.5 pound pig. Had another decent 5 lber and a 3 pound striper. Solid LMB as well. Bite window still late.

    1. yea I’m definitely a bit of both. night rolls around, kids go to bed, and it’s like ok tv, computer, sleep, or fish? shrug shoulders....easy decision lol
    2. Awesome dude, you are the most dedicated or addicted fisherman I know. And it pays off.
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  3. Went full retard. Weather report said thunderstorms and rain all night. I wanted to fish. Storms passed, rain did too. Had nothing but a few walleye that got off. ...more Herring were absent until 2:15 or so. Decided I wasn't gonna leave til I caught one. At 3:11 ran into a kettle bell attached to a rocket. Was an incredible fight and new PB. Good times.

    11 lb. Hybrid Striped Bass

    1. haha yea not going out is worse than going out and getting shut out.
    2. awesome night Greg
    3. Pete Lyden 0
      can't catch em on your couch.... or bed
    4. seems to match up with an hour give or take before and after the moon rise.... it's always seemed to be that way a lot of the time, but not every time... you ...more just never know. I'll never really look at the moon activity and decide not to go cause you never know haha
    5. yea man I hope. a 1:30/2-4 am window is pretty brutal which is what its been this week.
    6. that damn moon rise is too late... next week will be earlier bite again i bet. nice tank!
    7. Pete Lyden 0
      hell yeah! way to be persistent. congrats on pb!
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  4. 7 lb walleye. few other smaller ones. 3 lb striper, and LMB. Weird night. Quiet til 1:30 and then the lights went on and herring started doing their thing. Must ...more be the weather.

    7 lb. Walleye

    1. Awesome
    2. figures... sleepy head squatch only wanted to fish til midnight and we only had one fish each... we missed the bite!
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  5. 7.5 pound Striper. They are big this year. Havent caught one smaller than 5. One day someones gonna pull at 15 pounder outta here.

    7 lb. 5 oz. Hybrid Striped Bass

    1. well just to be clear, keeping smaller legal fish actually helps a fishery grow big fish... I'm not saying people shouldn't keep fish; just no reason to ...more keep the bigger ones. they are worth more in the water. i wish every game fish had a slot limit honestly.
    2. yea it would be nice if that were the case and everyone was on board. thats the secret sauce for places like Hawk Lake and the true trophy fisheries. 100% catch ...more and release. I mean if folks really need to be eating walleye you can get them at Shop Rite on occasion for like $7 a pound lol.
    3. idk, i blame the keeping of big fish honestly. It's not that big of a lake relatively speaking compared to those northern walleye lakes and it takes a long ...more time on a diet of herring to get over 24-25". Those northern lakes have more bigger sized bait fish for those bigger walleye. I just wish everyone was on board with releasing fish over a certain size... there are plenty of small keepers sized ones to eat.
    4. yea I definitely noticed that with the walleye. Every year they seem to get smaller. wonder if theres any effect from what seems like greater muskie and striper ...more populations on LH. Need to get out to Hawk Lake now that the border is open. 10 pound walleyes are small up there.
    5. idk about that... i feel like too many people keep big fish (both hybrids and especially walleye) the lake grows giants but so much harvesting of big fish happening ...more it's crazy. If people treated the harvest as if it had a slot, we would be seeing state records come out of there for sure.
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  6. Night Vision!

    3 lb. 5 oz. Walleye

  7. Good Memorial Day night. 4 walleye and a striper.

    4 lb. Walleye

  8. Nice 6 pounder on an otherwise slow night.

    Hybrid Striped Bass

    1. yea this year has been weird. definitely some good nights but weather was bizarre. lake basically went from 56 to 70 degrees in a week or so. been hearing herring ...more for about a month, but only in last 10 days or so has it been accompanied by those lovely violent splashes.
    2. don't tell me that moon is messing them up
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  9. 6.5 lb walleye, couple others. Fishing so far has been awful compared to years past, but fear not, the herring started popping tonight. Game on!

    6 lb. 5 oz. 25 in. Walleye

    1. James . 0
      A nice one!
    2. yeah man...we've been out there every week barely picking away at 1 or 2 here and there, many times zero action.... any day now....
    3. no problem. my wife is probably one of the first to know when the herring start getting active. every year it starts with, “why were you out til 4:30 last night”. ...more and then it continues til mid July lol.
    4. Thanks for the update
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  10. 9 Walleye, 2 Small Mouth Bass, and a 6lb Hybrid. Earliest Ive ever landed one on top water. Hopefully signs of a good season.

    Hybrid Striped Bass

    1. haha yea nothing like nights on the lake. using a bomber.
    2. Chef Rover 0
      wow! trying to get my winter bad boat restore completed. hopefully next weekend. your post is encouraging. what were you using? bait?
    3. NJ Squatch 0
      So crazy the hybrids are out and about already
    4. You’re a vampire arent you 😂
    5. Thats awesome Greg
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